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  1. K

    AAC Myacc wrong items

    I'm using the myacc version 0.8.7 If I look for any player in characters.php, the image of the items that appears is this: But it's all wrong, there aren't even these items in the game... If I go to the vip shop (using a plugin version of @Gesior.pl myaac-gesior-shop-system-v2.3...
  2. Error 502

    Solved [MyAcc] Allow only numbers in account name

    Server : 1.5 Nekiro downgrade 8.0 MyAAC version: v0.8.7 how do i Allow only numbers in account name? try deleting in validator, load combat, etc... like A-Z0-9 QWERTYUIOPASDFGHJKLÑZXCVBNM0123456789 but it didn't work...
  3. almirtibiaalmir

    AAC Sha1 myaac Problem

    Hello everyone, I have a Problem with myaac. If i create an Account the Password are plain text in phpadmin, so cant login in the Server, then if i generate the password manually with sha1 i can Login the Server But Not anymore on the Website. What can be the Problem here? Tfs Version - 1.5
  4. Hyagosrs

    AAC MYAAC error while creating Guild

    i get this error when i try to create a new guild. Does anyone know how to solve it? y
  5. B

    MyACC Gesior shop new category and no image item

    Hello! I created new categories. Everything works except the image of the items in the new categories? link to the image of the item from the new category http: //localhost/templates/tibiarl/images/content/scroll.gif The image path is done and works, but new categories won't open them...