1. mar173

    TFS 1.X+ Nostalrius based on TFS 1.2 and Cipsoft 7.7 leak - doesn't work with the official tibia 7.7 client

    Thanks to this i have a local ots: I can login with latest otclient edubart/otclient...
  2. Sequax

    C++ Quiver for Nostalrius 7.7

    Hey, been trying to figure out how to get a quiver to work on Nostalrius 7.7. Here the git for the sources I'm using: GitHub I've tried looking at these two tutorials but my players.cpp doesn't match. I don't have any "ammoItem". Quiver [TFS 1.X + 0.X] Quiver for paladins - tfs1.X I don't...
  3. U

    Losing all progress on Nostalrius(7.72) TFS 1.2 when Logging Out

    Hi guys, I'm new so be patient <3 Everytime i logout it won't save anything. My character would simply "reset". I Checked the DB and the Save column is with the value '1' so it should be ok. I'm getting this error on the console Message: you have and error in your SQL syntax; Check the...
  4. S

    Mapper nostalrius map converter

    hello, im looking for someone that knows a way to convert OTBM maps to nostalrius RME distro maps. Paid job.
  5. fschuindt

    7.4 Mapping and porting SPR+DATA to 7.7

    Hello there, folks. For long I'm planning to start mapping my own 7.4 map, but I found it really hard to do it with RME lacking auto borders. So I started to map it in 7.6 map hopping it would be possible to play it in a 7.7 server like OTHire or Nostalrius and to use a 7.7 client with 7.4...