1. V

    [Poland][10.00/12] Revolia | RL Map Fun | Falcon Bastion, True Asuras, Secret Library| New Addons & Outfits 12

    We're finally launching third Revolia edition! Start at Friday 19:00 CET Server Informations: *Official Web Site: Latestnews - Revolia *Client version: 10 (Mounts & Outfits & Items- 12.10) *Port 7171 *New Hunting Places (Falcon Bastion,Feyrist, Skeleton Elite...
  2. L

    7.6 Yourots XML AutoStack in Backpack

    Hello everyone, does any of you have a code for autostack items in backpack? Please help or write this code to Yourots engine Thank you in advance
  3. H

    Create custom evo 8.6 [no noob]

    Hello I create a new evolution server. Map: 60-65% done [~26Mb, no water zone, 29.04.2019] Editing monsters: 60% done Npc: 40% done Scripts: 30% done Start time: 2-3 months No super mr/uh, no infinite ammunition/runes/potions - like no noob play Oldstyle spell formula (like old tibia...
  4. V

    My Open Tibia project based on global

    Hello. I'm trying to make distribution based on global Tibia with latest content possible. I'm still a rookie in terms of coding and understanding TFS systems, some things are quite hard for me but I'm trying my best. Basically, I have some distro with real map already installed. This server...
  5. U

    New Ots List

    Ots List of database OpenTibia Servers with around the world. The list was created to facilitate the owners advertising Ots, and thus acquiring players. Adding server is completely free, and delivering the desired results - increase in the number of players online. The website has a search...
  6. MemsoriaOT

    [Poland] [8.6] Memsoria - Start with New Edition on 19.04.2019 at 6:00 PM!

    START: 19.04.2019 (06:00 PM) I would like to encourage you to play on Memsoria.pl Server starts on 19.04.2019 (this Friday) on 6:00 (GMT)! Port: 7171 IP: memsoria.pl Website: Memsoria.pl OTS Prefix/client: 8.60 Memsoria Features: Uptime 24/7 Offline Training PvP World Custom Addon Bonus...
  7. R

    Budex spoof ots warning!

    @Mister Budex spoof ots and ban from otservlist NOT PLAY HES SERVERS! Why delete thread on otland advertisement? I never see delete thread on otland so someone can explain? Thanks @Znote @Don Daniello @cbrm
  8. kubqq

    ***VOTE*** What servers do you like the most? (8.60)

    Hello everybody on OTland. I want to create my open server. Itd my first time with ots making from almost 10years. At first I want make a server with my original own map but I am really scare about this because I think nobody wanna play at this server. So I wanna know on what servers you...
  9. S

    [Poland] [8.6] xTibia ~~JUST STARTED~~

    Best tibia server world, mixed map, rpg-war system. Server settings: Website: Latestnews - xTibia (http://xtibia.pl) IP Address: xtibia.pl Port: 7171 Client: 8.60 Exp Rates: 1 - 100 level, 50x 101 - 150 level, 30x 151 - 200 level, 23x 201 - 250 level, 15x...
  10. N

    POLAND | [CUSTOM/ 8.54] Legacy of Naruto Online - START 11.05.2019 16:00

    Greetings Players! I would like to invite you to naruto server. If your are naruto ots player and you are looking for server where PvP is not just using last spell or you are normal tibia player and you are looking for new types of PvP, then this is server for you. Legacy Of Naruto Online Info...
  11. szatan1x


    On March 2 (SATURDAY) at 15:00 Poland Time returns Zivera.PL. As you know, times have come when guilds don't want to play longer, so we put more exp, loot and other facilities. At the end of the introduction, we remind you that our servers don't have extra items (weapons, new weapons, exp books...
  12. Y

    [Poland] [8.0] Devland | Custom Map | Low Rates | Friday 15.02

    Start: 15.02.2019 18:00 IP: DevlandOT.eu Website: http://devlandot.eu Client Version: 8.0 Map: Karmia/Vanilla/Zorzin/Devland Experience Stages 1 to 20 Level: 8x 21 to 50 Level: 6x 51 to 100 Level: 5x 101+: 3x Skills: 5x Magic Level: 2x Loot: Custom Regen x2 ?Bonus Experience? + 20%...
  13. pansuchar

    Jaki hosting na początek?

    Cześć wszystkim, mam pytanie do was. Chciałbym zacząć przygodę z OTSami stawianymi na serwerach dedykowanych czy też vps, mam doświadczenie przy tworzeniu serwerów ale przy stawianiu na serwer dedykowany niestety nie. Jaki najtańszy hosting do nauki polecacie? Chcę nauczyć się od podstaw...
  14. V

    [POLAND][10-11,49][Real+custom map] ViramaGlobal

    VIRAMAGLOBAL real map server starting soon! After few mistakes we made at first start, we are back prepared much better ! You can create your account already here: VIRAMAGLOBAL- Create Account IP: viramaglobal.pl Port: 7171 Starting Date 08.02.2019 18;00 ! New monsters, new boss and...
  15. AngeloFuturo

    What makes an OTS good nowadays?

    Hey all, I've been on and off from both Tibia and the OTS world for many years now. I only recently came back and decided to give OT another shot. With this being said, I came to realize that I am very much out of the loop as I'm writing this (2019). There's so many different contents such as...
  16. R

    [POLAND] [8.54] Shinobirevolution Naruto OTS

    [PL] The server will start on 27/01/2019 at 17:00 (CEST/GMT+2) Page ShinobiRevolution.eu ~~ Naruto Ots , Ots , Tibia , Etake Server , Tibia Server , Tibia Ots , Naruto Ots , Etake , Shinobi Revolution, Shinobi , Revolution, Naruto (http://shinobirevolution.eu) Create an account today and...
  17. Sylabista

    Dołączenie/start projektu

    Cześć, chętnie dołączę do zespołu osób, które zarządzają lub chciałyby otworzyć OTS'a. Oczekuję minimalnej wiedzy w kwestii obeznania ze światem tworzenia i zarządzania serwerem. Do wszystkiego dojdziemy sami :) Chętnych proszę o kontakt, posiadam serwer VPS w sam raz do początkowych testów...
  18. Gwos

    [Poland] [8.54] Naruto - Dawinbi [11.01.2019]

    Server Will Be Start 11.01.2019 at 18:00. http://dawinbi-story.pl Port: 7171 I would like to invite you to the new Dawinbi project, transferred to version 8.54. The server has gone completely refresh, most things have been balanced, mobs / items etc. Why 8.54? First of all, version 8.54 gives...
  19. Luiziano Gaming

    New game Tibia map in 3D - Unreal Engine + Blender + Own Textures

    Some time ago I was inspired by a project by two young people, "Tibia 3D". Tibia 3D Multiplayer Project - what do you think? I decided to do it much better, more precisely on the Unreal Engine. Below I present the results of my 2 hour work. What the game will contain: * own textures * own...
  20. Asheex

    [GERMAN] [8.60] Sarah OTS Evo Start 03.01.2019 on 18:00 CEST

    Signup for the SarahOTS server! 8.60 Evo Custom OTS High EXP Website: Latestnews - Sarahots.zapto.org The server start is scheduled for January 03. You'll be able to login and create your account and characters, but you'll not be able to login untill the server launch. Game Features: Many...