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  1. R


    Hi Users! Can someone tell me what bot works on this server? https://priogames.com/#!/
  2. 4Nathu4

    [France] [7.4+] Valoria Online | NEW WORLD STARTING 18.09 | RL Map | ANTIBOT | NO WIPES | also on Android devices ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    Expect a new world on 18.09 (Saturday), create an account on Valoria.online Stable host in 🇫🇷France, capable of holding up to 2K players. Modern 💻Windows, Linux, Mac, and 📲Android Client's Old school spell formulas and mechanics, weak manas, no runes in shops. No wands/rods - they are only...
  3. Svira

    [Poland] [12.0] Lua Global - 03/09/2021!

    Welcome to a unique server with an edited real map for protocol 12.0! We have added many improvements and novelties that will make the game fun for hours! In short: we have created a unique server with you in mind! The proprietary battle-eye ensures that the game is fair and automatically...
  4. Keeq

    [Poland] [8.54] [Custom / Naruto] SOFO | Custom Map | High Rate | start 20th August 18:00 CEST

    PAGE: News - SOFO ( FORUM: SoFo (http://sofo.forumpl.net) Don't you like boring, slowly increasing your level? This SOFO is for you! Level up, climb up and set off to conquer the server! A lot of quests, sagas, hunting grounds, missions, transformations, spells and...
  5. MemsoriaOT

    [Poland] [8.6] Memsoria| Custom Evo Map | High Rate | 23th July 19:00 CET

    START: 23.07.2021 (07:00 PM) I would like to encourage you to play on Memsoria.pl Server starts on 23.07.2021 (this Friday) on 7:00 (GMT)! Port: 7171 IP: memsoria.pl Website: Memsoria.pl OTS Prefix/client: 8.60 Memsoria Features: Uptime 24/7 Offline Training PvP World Custom Addon Bonus...
  6. anyeor

    [France] [7.92] Globera OTS | 1v1 PvP Balanced | Custom Evolution - Start 02.07.2021

    Start on 02 July 2021! We can proudly present the long-awaited server, Glober OTS, the ultimate and outstanding world, remade in a completely new style. Every its component was prepared by the professional staff. As one of the few, Globera is kept in the Role Playing Game climate. All...
  7. damian00912

    [Poland][12.64] Giveria - [20.06.2021 - 16:00]

    Ip: GIVERIA.COM Client: 12.64 Uptime: 24/7 Hosted in: Germany Website: Giveria.com Map: Custom Evolution Welcome on GiveriaOT server, which is developed and tested by a professional team, with frequent updates, i.e. new monsters, new spells, new systems, new events, new bosses! The best and...
  8. I

    [Poland][8.6] Exodis new game-play - Starting 28/5

    Hello everybody, for the last 5 months we have been working to make Exodis Server completly different! We have changed most important things in game-play to make the server harder to level up, harder to make quests, but to keep it semi-easy in general, everything on Exodis got it's own formula...
  9. Perun

    [Germany] [Custom] Dragon Ball - DBNS | 21.05 - 19:00 CET

    Server Start: 21.05.2021 19:00 CET Connection information: Website: Latestnews - DBNS (https://dbns.eu) Client: Custom Experience stages: 1 150 100 151 500 35 501 800 15 851 1250 8 1251 1650 7 1651 1900 5 1901 2250 4 2251 2550 3 2551 2850 2 2851 Unlimited 1 Transforms...
  10. I

    [Poland][Custom / 8.6] Exodis Test Server!

    Hello dear players, we would like to invite you to Exodis Test Server, on which everything will be tested to work 101% before final launch! Test Server will launch 13.05 at 18:00 CEST and will stay until 19.05 Everybody who will help testing and make a feedback will receive 3 Gold Account days...
  11. S

    [POLAND][12.64] ScroLLia | 22TH MAY 19:00

    SCROLLIA.EU Server Info : minlevel = 1, maxlevel = 100, multiplier = 100 minlevel = 101, maxlevel = 200, multiplier = 50 minlevel = 201, maxlevel = 400, multiplier = 25 minlevel = 401, maxlevel = 600, multiplier = 15 minlevel = 601, multiplier = 5 Skill X = 25...
  12. kor

    [Poland] [7.72] Torena [1st May, 18:00 CEST]

    Hello. At the request of the players from the first edition of Torena in 2019, which I had the pleasure to work on, I am launching its second edition. Server Website/AAC: Torena <<Create your account now!>> Server Address: torena.rookgaard.pl Hosted in Poland with BR proxy (Sao Paulo) Server...
  13. H

    Lua Storage Outfit OtHire 7.72 problem

    Hi everyone! I've got problem with storage outfits. For example: when somebody bought elf outfit through the shop from site, he can change outfit in client. If someone will have storage, let's set up 20001 This will be able to choose a necromancer in the set Anybody can help me with this?:)
  14. W

    [POLAND][12.61] SINULARIA V2~~ 09.04.2021 - FREE START POINTS

    ! SINULARIA V2 ! First one, has lot of bugs, so its closed faster than started. 0-50 ~~ X100 50-100 ~~ X75 100-150 ~~ X50 150-200 ~~ X30 200-300 ~~ X25 300-400 ~~X15 400+ ~~X5 CHANGES FROM V1 : Working IMBU 100% ONLine Training Monks Monster Balance More Shop Points by Same $ Price Fixed...
  15. Janusz1337

    Znote Acc (Shop Category)

    Hellyo Guys, i have problem with Shop Category ZnoteAcc. This functions dont work and i dont know how to fix it ;/ Help
  16. K

    [POLAND][10.10] Fire OTS

    Welcome to the Fire server Custom Map GWars, Balanced Vocation, Auctions, Castle and more! Take a look at our website: Fire OTS General Information: Server Info: IP: fireots.pl (Port: 7171) Client: 10.10 (version 12 soon) Online: 24/7 World type: OPEN (Protection level: 50) House rent...
  17. H

    [PL] [Custom] Dragon Ball Word Eng/PL [Beta]

    Hello! I would like to introduce and invite you to Dragon Ball World. This server is created in the RETRO style. OTS is similar to many others. Publicly available graphics were used. The server itself and the map were created from scratch, not a single file from other Dragon Ball servers was...
  18. Gicu

    [France] [Custom /10.98] | OFFICIAL Start | VisionOT Online - 24th September 19:00 CET | RPG Style

    Hello everyone and invite you to the OFFICIAL start on September 24 at 19:00 Website: VisionOT Site Discord: Discord It is a server focused on RPG. You will find many equipment upgrade systems such as. WHAT will you find on the server? Customs Sets! Elite Monster System Any monster on the...
  19. Janusz1337

    Solved Cmake .. Debian 9 Tfs 1.3

    Hello guys, My problem is any idea how to fix it? Thx
  20. szatan1x


    On February 12 at 18:00 POLISH TIME Karamy-War under protocol 8.6 will begin! IP: karamy-war.com PORT: 7171 Client: 8.60 Level Lock Since last dwo editions we have provided "block lvl system" which is that every 25 levels we face locked level. The only option to keep gaining more levels is...