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  1. I

    [Germany] [8.6] Oraculum - SEMI-LOW RATED! [13.11, Friday 18:00 CEST]

    Dear players... We have been working for half an year to bring you fresh and 100% better edition of Oraculum this time! Oraculum will be semi-hard low-rate server, as you have seen we have removed things like stamina doll / addon doll from Donation Shop, to make the server more interesting for...
  2. prohowkz

    C++ convert program from 8.6 to 8.7

    Hi, i need someone to convert this little program. I used it in version 8.6 but I would like it to work on 8.7. #include "hook.h" #include <string> #include <vector> enum MessageClasses { MESSAGE_STATUS_CONSOLE_RED = 18, /*Red message in the console*/ MESSAGE_EVENT_ORANGE = 19...
  3. Partyzanty

    [France] [Custom] Naruto Ninja Way | 23 October

    IP: NNWOTS.pl * Port: Custom * Launch: October 23 at 13:00 (GMT-4) Client: Custom * Uptime: 24/7 * Website: NNWOTS SITE Exp rate: Stages * Map: Custom * Server type: Pvp-Enfo
  4. N

    Compiling VPS - Please help me with vps (linux)

    Hello everyone! From 3 Days im trying to Run vps on linux but I dont have permission to root. Ovh told me i've need change root password from recovery boot mode. Thats doesnt work. Do u have any ideas? Maybe someone can teach me and help me with turn on ots and acc maker? I'll very gratefull...
  5. I

    [Poland][8.6] Exodis - second edition - 18 September 18:00 CEST

    Second edition starts soon ;) This is how it was last time 🤓 EXODIS.EU - SECOND EDITION! WHEN? - 18TH OF SEPTEMBER WHAT TIME? - 6 PM (account creation: ON) Every player that will create account and character before: 15/09/2020 will receive 50 Premium Points at the start-up ( Please note...
  6. P

    Szukam pomocy

    Siemka. Szukam pomocy w postawieniu OTSa na silniku 8.6 Kiedyś się w to bawiłem, ale to było jakieś 5 lat temu :D i stawiałem tylko OTS na swoim PC Teraz widzę że są jakieś Source i inne rzeczy do ogarniania i nie wiem o co chodzi. Nawet zdziwiło mnie po pobraniu silnika że nie było w folderze...
  7. kuks

    Cos nowego? 10.98.

    Od jakiegos czasu tworze calkowicie nowy projekt, chcialbym go uruchomic przed zima jednak nie jestem w stanie gdyz brakuje kilkunastu expowisk oraz questow. Dlatego zamieszczam tutaj ogloszenia gdyz szukam pomocy w ukonczeniu projektu, jestem w stanie odkupic expowiska/questy lub po prostu...
  8. Szmycu

    TFS 1.X+ Cant compile tfs

    Could someone tell me how to compile tfs 1.2 for 8.0 I got ubuntu 20.04 I have tried this celohere/forgottenserver (https://github.com/celohere/forgottenserver) /home/otsmanager/forgottenserver/src/database.cpp: In member function ‘bool Database::connect()’...
  9. T

    AAC Problem with Gesior tfs 1.0

    Hello, im try install gesior acc maker but i have problem :mad: with step 4,5 i dont see nothing. Im restart my vps but nothing....
  10. T

    Compiling Problem with tfs compilation

    Hey im try make ots for me and friend but i have stupid problem ;x if im install otland/forgottenserver (https://github.com/otland/forgottenserver/wiki/Compiling-on-Debian-GNU-Linux) and if u writhe "sudo cmake .." i have this CMake 3.5 or higher is required. You are running version 3.0.2...
  11. S

    [Poland][Custom][SPokeOTS] - Pokemon

    Hello ! I would like to invite you to play at SPokeOTS! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SPokeOTS Website: SPokeOTS (http://spoke-online.eu/) Discord: Join the SPoke Discord Server! (https://discord.gg/jd9yVkn) Our server is designed to reflect the good old FireRed Pokémon! Level system Tv...
  12. Deadjim

    ROTS - Return of the saiyans fanmade gameplay trailer

  13. O

    OTClient Been a while...

    Since I've played tibia at all! I am really looking forward to jumping into some kind of ot. Not many preferences but I'm open to your suggestions. Maybe then my preferences will change XD I use to use ip changer and it became common that individual ot's would have clients. This is about...
  14. C

    [Poland][8.6] EvoRPG LowRates START JULY 10 AT 19:00 CEST

    EVORPG 8.6 ip: evorpg.pl port: 7171 Server Information: Custom Evolution map with Gengia, Oken and more! (Respawn maps on the site) Exp Stages: 1 - 50 - 150x 51 - 70 - 50x 71 - 100 - 25x 101 - 120 - 10x 121 - 140 - 5x 141 - 160 - 3x 161 - 180 - 2x 181 - xxx - 1x Skill Rates: 10x Magic Level...
  15. kubqq

    What WAR Server do you will wanna Play? 7.4/10.98

    Hello 👁️‍🗨️ I have questions about new WAR OTS!☠ This will WAR-Server with own accounts, with change map system (1. Thais 2. Place between AB - Carlin 3. Fibula 4. Place between Thais - Venore 5. Place Ankh - Darashia) All of these maps will be edit for War server ofc. My questions about this...
  16. ralke

    Greed OT Movie(s) - Multimedia Gallery

    Hi!, I want to share a little movie i've made for my server, with a custom quest golden helmet quest I made, please vote on poll to give me feedback... 😄 I'll probably be updating this post with more videos. Regards, thanks for watching! Verminor's Hellgate Quest} Team: Pipeskunk (ek 196)...
  17. V

    [Poland][8.6] Fanuria [START 06.06]

    Fanuria is not another Evo or Real-Based OTS. -There are no teleports to most exp places, -Modified Nutopia and Gengia MAP, -Boss system, -Map Discovering system, -New vocations, -Everything from website shop is obtainable in game (no pay to win), -Medium / Low Rates, ...and much more! It is...
  18. Svira

    [POLAND][8.6 customized] HRate Global started 26may!

    Page: www.tibia86.eu IP: tibia86.eu Port: 7171 Welcome to the best installment of Tibia 8.6! You will see here an amazing map you feel sentimental about! New Systems to diversify PVP, you need to think carefully about character development! Fast attack, New spells and challenges are just...
  19. diakosz3456

    [POLAND] [8.6] Elates OTS EVO War 4FUN 29/05/2020

    IP: elates.net.pl Port: 7171 Client: 8.60/ own client Uptime: 24/7 Hosted in: Poland Website: Create Account Map: Custom EVO Runes: Infinity Exp Stages: 1 - 50 LVL: 400x 51 - 150 LVL: 250x 151 - 200 LVL: 150x 201 - 350 LVL: 75x 351 - 500 LVL: 25x 501 - 800 LVL: 15x 801 - 1000 LVL: 10x 1001 -...
  20. E

    [Poland][10.90] Hiberna

    IP: hiberna.hopto.org Port: 7171 Client: Tibia 10.90 / Custom available to download on website Uptime: 24/7 Hosted in: Poland Website: Latest News - Hiberna (http://hiberna.hopto.org/) Exp Stage: 8 - 50 x 500 51 - 100 x 350 101 - 200 x 250 201 - 300 x 150 301 - 500 x 100 501 x 30 Map: Cipsoft...