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  1. Mindinho

    Logotype editable for pokeot

    Hello, I am making this editable logo for pokeot available. The file is in .psd format, can only be edited using photoshop. The font used in the logo is inside the .rar file, but you can use other fonts to change the logo's look. How do I edit the file? Open the photoshop and open the file...
  2. RonIT

    [Poland] PokeServ - custom Pokemon server! Starts on 17th Dec, 2016 at 12:00!

    Poke Serv is yet another edition of popular MMORPG game, which gathers Poke-fans from all over the world. The game is alive just because of them - we played Pokemon in the era of GameBoy a long time before many of you heard of this game. We play it today. That's why we may say, it's a game from...