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remove item

  1. Terotrificy

    Othire 1.0 (Can't remove item below player position)

    Hi, i'm using Othire 1.0 server on 7.72. I'm trying to make a script to create a sewer when you step in a tile and remove the sewer when you step out (like devil helmet quest sewer). The problem is when the player or any item is above this sewer at the momment of step out, it can't find the...
  2. C

    Teleport if have item on backpack.

    I need a script to player only can enter in teleport if he have a item in backpack. After takes the item and pass in the teleport he wins acess to this teleport all time. (and loose the item) This is like Deeper Banuta Shortcut, in global tibia need one egg of the many
  3. X

    Solved Use object on creature to disappear monster

    this script is for "Sin Devourer" creature from "Ferumbras Ascendant Quest" when you use a crystal life on him , he disappear and crystal life too, the problem is that when used crystal life in anywhere site, he disappears, for example if i use crystal life in Carlin and the monster are on...