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  1. Alberto Cabrera

    [TFS 1.4] Boosted Creatures

    Hello, good evening! I don't know if there is one here in the forum that works, anyway, here it is. data/scripts/BoostedCreature.lua boosted = {} boosted.creatures = {} -- possible monsters boosted.possible = { { {"Demon", "Hellhound", "Grim Reaper", "Juggernaut"}, -- exp list...
  2. Yan18

    TFS 1.X+ [TFS 1.3] How to Create An Instant Spell in Spell Folder (RevScripts)?

    Hello guys! As the title says, I would like to know how to create an instant spell. I'm learning how to use RevScripts and I would like to know if there is someone that can explain me how to do that. If is possible, to create a easy spell, as Fireball for example.
  3. beenii

    [TFS 1.4] Advanced tile requeriment for exclusive zones

    Hello, I took the liberty of making a system to give access to exclusive areas. It is very easy to configure, if you have any idea to improve it, comment it Features minimum level to enter maximum level to enter you can combine minimun and max level to tile Storage (if you want give access...
  4. Codinablack

    Revscripts(1.3) Custom Equipment {SYC}

    Ok everyone, I have been working on something for a few weeks in my spare time, and I'm here to share with you, a "Custom Equipment" system, that loads all your custom equipment properties thru a single xml file. Credits to : @azzkaban for original release this is based off of here Special...
  5. L

    RevScripts modal promotion in revscript

    Hello I would like to know if it is possible to create a modal system for promotions such as Royal paladin Elder deuid and... If yes how would you do it? I tried watching several tutorials but I was only able to open the window
  6. M

    RevScripts how to add level requirement to buyhouse script

    local buyHouse = TalkAction("!buyhouse") function buyHouse.onSay(player, words, param) local housePrice = configManager.getNumber(configKeys.HOUSE_PRICE) if housePrice == -1 then return true end if not player:isPremium() then player:sendCancelMessage("You need a...
  7. miguelshta

    RevScripts Tfs 1.3 random addon to new players

    Hello I need a script that gives a 1 random addon to new players
  8. Sarah Wesker

    MoveEvent Snake Event TFS 1.3 ~ Revscript ~ EventCallback

    Hello everyone, I hope you are well Today I want to share with you an event that I had planned to do for a long time, I know that @Snavy released his version but for a change I will also launch mine First of all I will show you a simple example of what it looks like: Installation...
  9. Q

    revscript aura system

    Good night people I was using a tfs 1.3 pack more, I decided to migrate to otservbr (revscript) I have an aura system, on tfs 1.3 it works perfectly, on otservbr when equipped, it has a multiplied effect, you can equip more than 1x, I tried several modes ... Maybe you could have expressed me...
  10. Sarah Wesker

    MoveEvent Infinity Rooms - TFS 1.3

    This was inspired by this thread. data/scripts/infinityrooms.lua -- Infinity Room Config local IRConfig = { startPos = Position(2887, 1756, 7), -- upper left corner tpInAid = 65000, -- actionid for enter teleport tpOutAid = 65001, -- actionid for exit teleport foodAid = 65002...
  11. Sarah Wesker

    💰 DreamOfGold 💰 Event | TFS 1.3 Revscript ~ EventCallback

    Hello again, here I bring you the 💰 Dream Of Gold 💰 event, it is about walking on the gold to accumulate points, you can also find chests full of gold, you must click on these chests to win a very considerable amount of extra gold, according to the configuration. Players who gain extra...
  12. Sarah Wesker

    [TFS 1.3] EventCallback: Firestorm Event

    Here is the Firestorm Event, the steps to follow below: Create a new lua file on directory data/scripts/ and name it firestorm.lua then paste the code into the file and that's it! In the first lines of the script you can find the event settings. If you don't want to shut down the server and...
  13. miguelshta

    RevScripts help converting this movements: to revscripts

    Script 1.- actionid: 45000 local conditionRed = Condition(CONDITION_OUTFIT) conditionRed:setTicks(120 * 60 * 1000) conditionRed:setOutfit({lookType = 465, lookHead = 94, lookBody = 94, lookLegs = 94, lookFeet = 94}) local conditionBlack = Condition(CONDITION_OUTFIT) conditionBlack:setTicks(120...