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  1. Zaweq

    Looking for a scripter (Events)

    I am looking for a scripter that will be able to write a big event for me and fix some bugs. I also needs help with creating new bosses and other things. I am working on otbr. Please contact me. Thanks!
  2. R

    Team Several OG servs rebuilding project. (Scripters,Mappers,Coders) *Structured*

    Hello. I've missed this game too much and the creativity which comes with server making. Therefore I made the choice to come back now, after my long break. I have been with this community since 2010, but ended up leaving a few years ago around the same time all my buddies did cause IRL takes...
  3. E

    RevScripts MultiTarget Attack Rune

    Hello someone who would help me with this !!! You could do something like this but with runes you must spells? I don't know anything about script but I got this one and I'm interested in a similar one but with runes local distance = 4 local amountOfMonsters = 2 macro (1000, "multi target...
  4. S

    Looking for experienced Mapper/Scripter for our Tibia inspired MMORPG - Paid Job

    Hello, as a company, we are starting pre-production for our new game which will be Tibia inspired 3D MMORPG. That's why we are looking for an experienced mapper/scripter for a partial/full-time job related to designing the overall game core, our custom map editor, creating levels, and many...
  5. S

    Looking for a scripter for mutli jobs

    Hello, im searching for a second scripter who can help me and my main scripter with my server thats been running 24/7 since march, i got a full list with things i want to get done. Ofc i pay for your help. Im running a illusion map converted from 7.6 to 7.72 with tfs 1.3 engine downgraded by...
  6. Return Of Tibia

    Team [7.x-8.x] Return Of Tibia - Recruiting Staff

    Greetings, community. I am looking for Staff who also serve as testers for a mixed project between old and new school (already online, at ReturnOfTibia.ml). I need good mappers, programmers/scripters or creators of content (content for the game wiki, for example), or moderators with good...
  7. Ahlabo

    Looking for Lua scripter

    Hello Im looking for a Lua scripter to make a couple of scripts for me for my server. For more detailed information PM me. And ofcourse the job will be paid for and that we will discuss later on.