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Team Several OG servs rebuilding project. (Scripters,Mappers,Coders) *Structured*


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Nov 12, 2021
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Hello. I've missed this game too much and the creativity which comes with server making. Therefore I made the choice to come back now, after my long break. I have been with this community since 2010, but ended up leaving a few years ago around the same time all my buddies did cause IRL takes over you know.

Go further down if you wanna skip my intro and head straight to the point
Short introduction of me, and some thoughts regarding this topic:
  • 99% of my time in Tibia is invested in OTs or web/server creation. Never played RL Tibia, was too busy swimming in Lua.
  • I have a lot of ideas and suggestions which could give the players of the server a whole different experience they never had before.
  • Rules are rules and if you do not follow, you're out no matter how experienced you are.
  • This project is planned to continue with regular updates. Also Team will be paid in the fast forward future, once we get stuff rolling. Also have in mind that servers nor time is free. So don't expect money to magically appear first couple weeks. Please, join for the journey and the creation and not simply for money.
  • Server(s) will be hosted through AWS (Amazon). DDoS attacks will be handled no problem if it comes to that.
  • Loyalty is honesty. You must remember to communicate with your Team regarding your line of work, everytinh from problems you encounter to questions you have or issues in general, or simply discuss ideas with one another and hear their opinions.
  • Server will most likely be hosted in Europe to begin with. But a second server in US might come in the future as well! Depends on active playerbase there, and our budget.

A short & quick list of things I have more or less experience in:
  • Hosting / Web, Servers or Services
  • Scripting
  • Macros
  • Programming
  • Website designing
  • Modding games
  • Scouting vulnerabilities in games, websites, systems etc

Note: I am no pro what so ever in any of these areas. I know many of you in this community which are extremely talented! Writing clean code is one thing I've seen plenty of times.
Basically my point here was to show off that I'm no leecher or scammer, nor do I abuse or take credit of others hard work. Fast forward in time now... if everything works out with the maintenance cost and hosting etc, I will absolutely offer a monthly salary to the Team who has invested into this project and still does. No doubt about it!

What I search for (for now atleast):
+++ Scripters? Lua for example. Should have good experience. Might become much code, and even more important then to have it written well and not 'but it works'.
+++ Mappers!! I am not so much for mapping. So this is something the Team really need. Big ++if you can be able to map most enviroments and in a creative & unique way.
+++ Testers - Not quite the priority currently, but later on it will be needed.
+++ Programmers (any languages, hit me up in PM)

I hope to find some good fellas out there which seems interested in the project. It is important to say the least that we all can understand each other correctly, so English understanding & writing is required.
I could probably fill out this thread so much more, but I have to end it here and see where it leads. Thanks for reading and feel free to PM me if any questions/interested in the project.

Please make sure not to go offtopic here. And I hope this thread is good enough to be posted here. Of course I could have provided more detailed info about the project, but wouldn't that ruin it. Hm.