1. Togu

    The Forgotten Tibia (no vocations, new skills, skills by points, dual wield, auto loot, quiver, etc)

    The Forgotten Tibia The Forgotten Tibia is a free and open-source MMORPG written in C++ and LUA. It is a fork from the The Forgotten Server 1.3 (3b63f65) and OTClient (07b4b78) projects. What makes it different from Tibia / The Forgotten...
  2. H

    Lua Help with Script Skill Points.

    Hello, how are you? So I am using this script for every lvl that upa earns "Skills Points" I am with 2 doubt. 1st I wanted that when the upa character appeared a message on the screen something like "+1 Skill Points!" I saw that in Script there is a message area, but it is not working...
  3. H

    Skills Points

    CreatureEvent - [TFS 1.1] Skill Points, modalwindow ( Hello, I'm using the skill points script for this link. I just wanted a help, when the player passes lvl, it does not appear that he won the "points" but the points go to...
  4. Togu

    [OTClient] The Forgotten Tibia Server 0.8

    The Forgotten Tibia Server The Forgotten Tibia Server is a free and open-source MMORPG server emulator written in C++. It is a fork of the The Forgotten Server 1.3 project. To connect to the server, you will need The Forgotten Tibia Client (a custom client forked from OTClient and edited by me -...