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  1. Mapper Mohei

    [Sweden] [8.6] - The Real Swevolution (Custom Client ) Join

    .:<<Swevolutions>>:. Hosted 24/7 In France. Hosted By Damed Fire. This Is The Real And Orginal Swevolutions! Client: Custom Client Located at Site! *- Online 24/7 *- New update with new hunt and quests and missions. *- Dodge System. *- Critical System. *- Addon Bounus Work With Any Full...
  2. B

    [Sweden] 8.60 real map, free points in lvls, opening 01/07/17

    Top 3 will get 50 points each in the shop after first week (07/07/17) Also free points on lvl 500/600/700/800/900 Client: 8.60 Map: Real map with gengia, ethno, galaxy etc IP: Trixera.hopto.org Working quests. Guild war system. Automatic raids. Active staff members. Pvp protection: lvl 50 Exp...
  3. Nigtwisj

    [SWEDEN] EmeraldOT Looking for beta testers [8.6][RPG] Closed at the moment

    Emerald OT is looking for beta testers WE ARE ONLINE! Come play! We are looking for some people to get feedback on the current state of the server. Feedback on the quests. The mapping and the spawns. No donations will be active on the server and you can't buy any donation gear from shop...
  4. R


    Hello guys. We have now decided to put a date of serverstart: 3/2-2017 18.00 CET will Realera 7.4 be open for public and we hope to see you all here. Thanks to our powerfull engine + our server is hosted in France, Gravelines will make reduce all the lags even with high amount of players. The...