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tfs 0.3.6

  1. 9

    Lua someone can help with skin item?

    Hello, I have a question, can someone help me, rewrite the script? I found the @M0ustafa user script: local t = { -- [vocation, promotedvocation] = {mini = minimum heal, maxi = maximum heal} [{1, 2, 5, 6}] = {mp={1050,1150},hp={100,150}}, [{3, 7}] = {mp={300,500}, hp={800,950}}...
  2. Sunset

    TFS 1.X+ Items.xml value not working in TFS 1.X - Please read post, TL;DR at the end

    I have been customizing OTs since I was a little child, but for years I have abandoned this beautiful hobby. A few days back, however, me along with my best friend (who is now a programmer) decided to give OTs another try now that we're older and better prepared. We went for the lastest version...
  3. D

    (internalGetPlayerInfo) Player not found when requesting player info #3

    Cześć. Mam drobny problem z autolootem; system wydawało by się działa bez zarzutów, natomiast przy bliżej nieokreślonej interakcji wywala mi błędy w konsoli: [11/03/2020 17:03:54] [Error - CreatureScript Interface] [11/03/2020 17:03:54] In a timer event called from: [11/03/2020 17:03:54]...
  4. metiu11

    TFS 0.3.6 Spell transform

    Heyo, I found script, which add effect on player but i want to change lookType, so i edit it like this: local tempo = 60 -- tempo em segundos. local ml = 35 -- quantos ira aumentar o skill de ML local skillfist = 35 -- quantos ira aumentar o skill de Fist local skillsword = 35 -- quantos ira...
  5. GM Mega

    [8.6] [TFS 0.3.6] Need help:/

    Hello I have various problems, but the first one is, how do I edit this into just giving the ML to Mages, vocations (1,2) local exp = 4000 -- Quanto de ML o player irá ganhar?! local exhaust = 120 -- Tempo para o player poder usar o item novamente! (tempo em segundos) local text = "Magic Power...
  6. Simonp1512

    [0.3.6] TFS magical damage max hp/mp potion

    hi people, is possible to do a potion that increase for a short time the magical damage as key="increasemagicpercent" and a other potion to up the max hp/mp for short time i don't know if this is possible if any one know something please can tell me? thx (y) rep++
  7. Voltage#8688

    Storywriter Ranger's Arcani is looking for reinforcement!

    Hello, I'm currently working on a TFS project called Ranger's Arcani. -TFS-Version: TFS 0.3.6.pl1 -Rates: custom rates -Map: custom map -Client: Custom Client (based on 8.54) We have a web programmer (me), a coder, mappers but sadly not any Storywriters. Our team is looking for Storywriters...
  8. Udun

    TFS 0.X More than 15 floors

    Hello all, Im looking for a way to make more than 15 floor levels on RME and TFS 0.3.6, for example, do 150 upper floors from main floor (for now floor 7 on all tibia ots) and for example 50 cave floors, and if we can modify the main floor to be another one different, not the 7 anymore. I found...
  9. B

    Linux TFS0.3.6/Ubuntu Inaccurate addEvents (ms)

    Hello! When I have my server hosted on my machine (Windows) or localy only, I can get high precision effects with addEvents. But I've noticed (it's been a while, actually) that while hosted on an Ubuntu 14.04, the precision is lost and most effects, some quests and this even causes me some...
  10. Udun


    Hello all, I need help with a issue of the stackable runes and the charges. Im tryng to make a rune making system like in the old days, with non stackable runes and not aviable to buy in the store on my ot 8.60 tfs 0.3.6 but I can't find the way to make it. I try to modify the tibia dat and otb...
  11. L

    Error LUA

    [Lua Error] [string "loadBuffer"]:4: ')' expected near 'ry' What is wrong with it? TFS 0.3.6
  12. N

    TFS 3.6.0 and "Server Log"

    Hello anyone know where i can hide, delete or anything but make invisible chat named "Server Log"? i can't find it :(
  13. Bash

    Task System, need some help

    Hello, i have already a working task system. Made some rework at script to work with my otx based on fs 0.3.6. The problem now is that when they cancel the task by saying the new name of task, the task shows done at website and ofc can't do it because its like he completed it. Some1 knows how...
  14. Bash

    Looted amulets are x1 charges & website problem

    Hello! I have 2 troubles in my server, lets see if someone can help me! Using OTX based on 0.3.6. 1: Amulets looted by monsters are always x1 charges -My items.xml are with correct charges (ex: ssa <attribute key="charges" value="5"/>), also showing attributes. - Tryed to add...
  15. Mhako

    Compile "Cryingdamson 0.3.6" on ubuntu 16.04

    Hello everyone, im pretty new to setting up tibia servers but i do work as a programmer. (as a noob in java, dont blame my skillz) Okey, so im trying to compile this old 8.6 server with the TFS version of 0.3.6 on my ubuntu laptop. I got it working fine on windows, but when i try to follow the...
  16. AdiMit

    Lua Guard NPC - separate distance and melee attacks | error

    Hello :) I'm currently using the [8.60] The Forgotten Server 0.3.6 (Crying Damson) V8 by Printer, from the thread: [8.60] The Forgotten Server 0.3.6 (Crying Damson) V8; I was trying to redo the guard NPC(s) so that they would attack the PKers with melee attacks at the range of <=1; and with...
  17. A

    Lua Chameleon Rune

    Hello Guys, I have a question for you about the rune. Chameleon rune is a rune which makes a player outfit like a thing on which the rune was used like coin,another rune etc. I thought that it would be a great thing for the player to hide youself but there is one downside of it. A nick of a...
  18. A

    Lua House Premium reduced cost

    Is is possible to make people who have active Premium account to pay half of a total rent for the house? I mean , the total rent of the haouse is 100cc for a week. If player has active Premium account the game takes only half of this amount from his depot. Thanks for anserw :) I use the...
  19. DaBlauwk

    Solved Using a spell crashes server (8.60 TFS 0.3.6 - Crying Damson)

    Hello, when I use a spell on my server on any character the server freezes and wont work until I restart it, when I use it on a god character it works without any problems, any idea on how to fix this? I've so far found a similar thread with no fix and another one which said to check the magic...
  20. A

    Lua Guild kills

    Hello guys, I am trying to make a small reward for the players in the top 5 guilds which has the most kills. I have two queststions about it: 1.Is it possible to make a script which would find top 5 guild in terms of amount of kills and get them a proper reward? 2.If for first question anserw is...