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  1. Glaszcz Koldre

    [TOOL] Convert any map between ServerID and ClientID

    Hi. With this tool OpenTibia - Convert any map to 7.6 (https://otland.net/threads/convert-any-map-to-7-6.259410/) (thanks to @Peonso ), and this tool GitHub - Inconcessus/OTBM2JSON: OTBM2JSON - A generic framework for programmatic modification of OTBM files...
  2. hellboy

    How to extract spell icons and spell groups icons from new client?

    Hello. How to extract spell icons and spell group icons from latest client? In old day I guess it should be in .spr or .pic file. But how it look's now? Or if someone have spell icons and spell groups icons png files packed... It would be great to get this pack. Thanks in advance.
  3. leomarques

    [TFS 1.x] Procedural Cave Generation

    Hello Everyone! This is the first time I'm contributing to this community. i've been here for a long time just getting all sorts of resource and useful stuff and it's time to return something. I recently followed the Sebastian Lague's tutorial for a procedural cave generation based on...
  4. G

    anti map tracker

    good morning friends from otland, does anyone know what could be done so that they cannot use the trackmap? I already tried the easiest and that is that they cannot enter the server with client 10 configuring in config.lua minimum version, but if I do that they obviously cannot enter with...
  5. Nekiro

    Nekiro's Rcc Editor

    Hi, we didn't have one so now we do. Nekiro open source Limited proudly presents Nekiro's Rcc Editor, brought to you by the one and only Nekiro. Features: extract assets load rcc files compile rcc files replace assets Repository: GitHub - nekiro/Nekiro-Rcc-Editor...
  6. J

    NPC Maker/tool to preview custom outfits?

    For an 7.X OT with custom sprites and custom outfits I would like to make some Player/NPC outfits and see how they look before they are put into the game or just to play around with. Is there any tool where you can just load the .spr & .dat file from the client and create outfits for NPCs etc...
  7. Ascuas Funkeln

    [MOD] Developer Control Panel 2.0

    Hello i create next tool to make my job easier, I will share it with you. Step 1 Shutdown game client. Download file and paste it in "otclient/mods/" ENJOY :D UPDATE v. 2.0 Now panel is in miniWindow mode, No more impact on gameplay when press buttons. (Stop walking, executing actions)...
  8. MagicWall

    OT Monster Maker JS

    Hello, long time ago I prepared Monster Maker Tool for OTClient, now I'm has rewrite it to JS + React. Some users have write (rightly) that is that bit useless as module for OTClient, so when I wanted to improved my Rect skills, decided to rewrite that module to JavaScript app. JS app benefits...