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  1. Y

    [MyAcc] Discord Widget

    I'm using MyAcc, somebody knows how to add discord widget to the tibiacom template?
  2. Totten

    Add Widget Count Event

    Hello, I am using the MyAAC platform developed by slawkens and I would like to know if it is possible to add an event counter on my website, thus always showing the next server event. (The events have the times configured in my globalevents.xml), but if it is not possible to make the site...
  3. E

    Help in Market PHP system

    Hello everyone, i want a help in this code, i want to put a search box for filter items by name, anyone know how i can do this? This is a market PHP, when the players use a talkaction and send a item for db, and at this site they can see the offer id and buy in-game. sorry for my bad english...
  4. jo31

    Hello guys! Problems with Gesior AAC for TFS 1.3

    Hello guys! I have been getting Problems with Gesior AAC for TFS 1.3. We recently installed Gesior AAC for TFS 1.3 and we got error when you visit the site it says "Error 500 http" and in the log file Apache it says "account.php Line 33"
  5. N

    AAC [MyAAC]"Who is Online?"It is not showing players online.

    The Who is Online page is not listing players currently online on the server. Previously it was working correctly, I believe the problem started to occur after I added the MyAAC gesiorshop plugin(not sure), but still using a backup(website) without the plugin the problem still occurred. The...
  6. Walox

    [SHOW OFF] - Poketibia Website

    I made a design for the web of my poketibia hope you like the result :D The design was made to be programmed in ZnoteAAC. I really liked the result I have many images but otland only allows 5 :/
  7. Zainox

    Looking for a Premium Layout for Gessior TFS 0.4/OTX

    Hello, i hope everybody has a wonderful day. I am currently working on an RPG project. I am looking for someone who can design or have in their possession a layout for Gessior TFS 0.4. I want an RPG layout and very original. But keep the structure of the original tibia layout, to take advantage...
  8. Fifflaren

    Webdesigner Im working on an war ot and we are in need of a website dev :)

    Hello OTland me and my staff team is looking for a website dev for latest Znote aac, we will ofc pay you :) PM if intersted! Website designer idk what its called but we want our own website not just a copy pasted from otland (even tho some of them is sick) and non of us is really good at...
  9. S

    AAC - Creating different websites

    hi guys! Can someone with greater knowledge try to help me in this matter? Any tips will be welcome. Just as there are different types of Automatic Account Creator (AAC) for otservers (Gesior, MyAAC, Znote, etc), is there any other AAC that can be used for another purpose? For example, create...
  10. pchtz

    new open tibia list project

    Hi everyone! :) I'd like to contribute all the Open Tibia the community with this project I've been working on for a while: https://opentibia.io/ Basically it's a new alternative to publish your opentibia server or find your perfect fit with a very smart and simple search box. You can...
  11. Brunds

    AAC [Modern ACC] Captcha Error

    Hello I'm having problems with the captcha of the modern acc even the captcha being correct appears the error in the modern speaking that this incorrect already tried to go back to the original version of the codes and the error persists someone already had this problem ?? ps: is duplicating...
  12. H

    AAC MYAAC problem with players online

    Hello Guys, i have a problem with MYAAC, i host my site on cpanel, but don't show de players online on the server. before stood "SERVER OFFLINE" i change tamplates/tibiacom/index.php echo '<span style="color: red"><b>Server<br />OFFLINE</b></span for echo '<span style="color...
  13. hemrenus321

    [Znote AAC] fibula74 layout

    im releasing this layout since @vicki24 / @tjafs (its the same person) never paid me for it PSD files for logo, widgets and slides included enjoy Update 5. Mar 2019 by Znote: Default input fields fit the theme (instead of being white boxes). Image slideshow only appears on frontpage instead...
  14. I Sophie

    Help me to run website

    Hello guys,sorry for disturbing all with this post but i tried many times to run website but i cannot someone upload a video for me "updated video" My windows 10.2 16GB Ram,Corei7 "Internet speed 50mb" I know how to make localhost and everything but the problem in connecting the website to my...
  15. J

    Linux Modern AAC "Only variables should be passed by reference"

    Hello everyone, I`m trying to set up a modern AAC webiste hosting it on my linux server, but I get several errors (9) of the following error: A PHP Error was encountered Severity: Notice Message: Only variables should be passed by reference Filename: codeigniter/Common.php Line Number: 148 the...
  16. bajsbajs

    Editing my website

    As stated in the title, I need help with my website. I am working on this OT server with a couple of friends which know how to do this, but they are not home and won't be able to help for a while. My question: Where in the C:/UniServerZ/... do I change this portion of the website so I can add...
  17. K

    Programmer PHP Jobs without limit

    Hello, If you need an script for your website like Znote / Gesior / Myacc (does not matter) or if you want your custom site for your server don't afraid and just contact me. I'm a PHP programmer by profession so there is no impossible thing for me to do on your server. Algorithms, advanced...
  18. Ricardo Souza

    [GESIOR] - The Real Ferobra

    Hello, i'm Ricardo Souza, from Goiânia - Brazil. I'm developing a website called ferobra, and i'm be happy to share some functions i've been develope. See the project in github and help us in bugtrace. Send the issues you found.
  19. Mdbeng

    Webdesigner Web Developer offering my services.

    Good evening, I'm an engineer offering my services, you can contact me and we can talk about what you plan to do and we put a price to work and if you agree I start, once finished I upload it, you will try it, if You are satisfied with proceed to the money transfer and we are done. What can i...
  20. M


    I'm trying to make a webpage using @Znote s geisor and everything is fine on step 1-4 on instalation at (my root ip), but when i get to step 5 to create an admin account i get this error. Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function fetch() on boolean in...