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  1. Olddies

    [Germany] RealOTS 7.7 [Starting A New World High Rates] [Starting Oct 26]

    Hello Dear's players today i want to annunce the start of RealOTS 7.7 high rates version For all those players who dont know about this server, it is the exact copy of Tibia 7.7, that means you need to buy spells and all that what you do in (Tibia CIP), so dont be surprised when you start...
  2. e.e

    [Italy] Zanera 7.70 - Snapshot of a Real Tibia Server (reset every 24h)

    Hi. I decided to re-host Zanera while I'm still working by myself on a web framework that I'm building from scratch (time-consuming) which is leaving Realots in the waiting room. I'll answer one hypothetical FAQ question below while most other answers can be found here...