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  1. Erickso

    [Znote AAC] Underworld Layout

    Hi everyone! In my last post i released my Bootstrap 4 Layout for Znote, now i'll bring you this little layout made with BS4 too but a little more optimized for a Tibia Server, hope you like it! Features: Bootstrap 4 Responsive and mobile ready Jumbotron only at Index page Images on new's...
  2. Erickso

    [Znote AAC] Premium Template

    Hi everyone, It's been a long time since i worked with otserver's, but this time i'd like to build a pretty nice custom server with some dev friends. So, we're looking for a custom layout (not a free one) for Znote AAC, i couldn't find any of them (alive), so im interested in purchase one for...
  3. Znote

    [Znote AAC] AtomIO Layout

    Old thread, new thread is here: AtomIO (https://otland.net/resources/atomio.1/) Testing the otland resources system. ---- Alternative dark theme layout for Znote AAC. Installation instructions: Rename existing layout folder to etc layout_default Download and extract this layout to Znote AAC...
  4. Shadow_

    AAC Recaptcha with znote

    Hello,I have tried to know how to add recaptcha for ZnoteAAC 1.5 but i didn't find a way to do it since it doesn't appear in create account page and when i try to create account it says please check the captcha form. and i already changed it to true in config.php and sure 100% that i wrote the...
  5. dunnish

    AAC How to create News Ticket in Znote Tibia.com layout

    Hello! anyone know how to crate news ticket in znote acc?
  6. ond

    Webdesigner Seeking: web developer (Znote AAC)

    Hello, I am looking for someone who can add/edit basic php-related functions and also restructure pages using tables. - OT: unknown for now - Job: Seeking developer - Website: Znote AAC Information regarding exactly what it is I need help with will be discussed in PM. Is this something you...
  7. C

    Znote aac troubles

    I just added a new layout on my webpage and updated some files, but login, characters, highscores and login and those links doesnt work anymore. it says "sub page not recognized". Anyone know how to fix it? Swevreborn there is the link to the webpage
  8. M

    TFS 0.X Znote ACC cant logg in to account on webbsite after creating

    Hi! im having problems with my webbsite with alot of error codes and after creating an account on the webbsite but i cant loggin to it on the webbsite but works totally fine on the ot server :/ passwords are set to sha1 and is working fine and webbsite is set to "salt" because im runing a tfs...
  9. kariera123

    Donating points problem znoteaac 1.5 tfs0.4

    Hello otladners, I have problem with sending shop points by admin panel to character on znoteacc Imgur I heard that i need to run domain((my isnt localhost))/special/database2znoteaac.php but when i start this nothing realy happend Imgur also i need to say when i want to open domain/special...
  10. M


    I'm trying to make a webpage using @Znote s geisor and everything is fine on step 1-4 on instalation at (my root ip), but when i get to step 5 to create an admin account i get this error. Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function fetch() on boolean in...
  11. Sp0tl3ss

    Znote Acc Shop Image

    Hello i use znoteAcc and hes image server "items.znote.eu" but some items dont match mine for example rift bow get me a border, can i do anything to make the script take a picture localy stored? thanks
  12. Sp0tl3ss

    AAC Unable to login website, game is working?

    Hello i use znoteAAC 1.5 hosted on a home pc with uniserver. i can enter game and so on and even create accounts on website, BUT i can not login to the website its not wrong pw/acc when i press login i just get back to the login pahe with 0 indicators of what went wrong, support appreciated...
  13. S

    ZnoteAAC Recovery Key

    Hi people, how i can add recovery key system in website Znote AAC? The recovery with email is not work on my website. Thank you!
  14. ~X~

    What about some new Znote layouts?

    Was wonder if the OT Scene was still growing really? If so how many of you are actually updating the front line of your server? Still using a plain, simple one pager? Nothing super fancy, an flashy? Reason I asked the above question is due to the fact I'v thought about releasing some more...
  15. Bash

    [Znote ACC] Vocations in highscores/online list

    Hello! I'm just wondering if it's possible to change the vocation name at highscores and online list. Now it isn't showing vocation promotion names. Just Knight instead of Elite Knight, for example. I want highscores and online list to shows promotion. highscores.php <?php require_once...
  16. Aldo Axel

    C++ (Request) [Znote AAC] LiveStream or Cast page for TFS 0.4

    Please the page where the players are casting... (It would be better if they appeared with outfits)... For znote aac 1.5 or znote acc master (TFS 0.4 8.6) thanks...
  17. L

    ZNote Forum

    Hello everyone, I need a little help, I cant enter in my website Forum, Im using Znote, and every time that i enter in Forum>Discussion, it goes to other page http://demo.znote.eu/forum.php?cat=3, I cant acess my forum.
  18. razokm

    Znote - Cast System

    I'm looking for cast system subpage for Znote. Just need following information: -Who is Casting -Player level Any one could help me?
  19. T

    AAC ZNOTE ACC - start position old rookgaard

    How can I set starting position to old rookgaard (in temple with cipfriend). 6,30,32 all those towns are the same Rookgaard Tutorial Island. I use tfs 1.3
  20. grilo13

    How to cache "attributes" from items.xml to PHP (Znote)

    I'm using spells.php from @Znote as my base, and trying to do a "items.php", where players will be able to see eq. items in server, but I just import the items' ID, Name and Prefix. (Example from the cache generated) {"id":"2472","name":"magic plate...