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Compiling 0.4 r3884 compile in 64-bit windows


Jan 14, 2019
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I know it's an old problem dating back to 2011 but now in 2020 does anyone know and explain how to compile tfs 0.4 r3884 in 64-bit to run real map on my pc on windows for fun just for me

again I have always used laatido to bypass this infamous error: "Alocation failed, server out of memory! Decrease size of your map or compile in a 64-bit mode."

but now I would like to learn how to compile it properly and I assume that stian's dev-c++ will not compile it as we remember also infamous "-m64" and "64-bit mode not compiled in" error

probably MSVC will be needed but I don't know how to set up all the lubraries

Thanks in advance for help
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