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Team 14y experience|Looking for partners|Exhausted solo dev|Unique War server WIP

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Apr 24, 2011
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Hello, sorry I am tired incase of my grammar. Most of what you need to know if this suits you could be found at my discord server which goal is to build a small following while keeping everyone updated -- and most importanly taking feedback & advice regarding certain ideas.

I have probably worked more on servers than I've actually played. My favorite version was 8.60 and I had a server still from 10 years back which is my favorite and most money, time and energy spent on. This is 100% the last OT I will ever make, and it is focused on PvP because that's what I remember the most.

Though there's a lot of PvP servers out there, is the main reason why I want the OT to be unique and not follow what everyone else does.

  • Custom map, mostly 10.98 but also converted 7.6 map and imported it cause I liked the looks and thought it would suit the playstyle of the OT, so called ModernWars.
  • Spawn around level 80 ready to join the battle, but being careful is also a big part. You are not loosing anything upon dying, though you do loose money -- which plays a big role!
  • Currently 3 cities with one guide island to make sure the player can speak with couple NPCs and get our server concept, considering it is not what you usually see on OpenTibia.
  • After the guide you are free to do whatever you want, Open World in other words. There is custom transpotation around towns which require money & time to get there.
  • There are monsters spawned around just like a RL map if you go outside city, but they don't give you any experience, only certain custom loot which is designed for you to make a grind for money and selling to specific NPCs.
  • A big focus is quests/tasks, which will provide you with better equipment to become stronger in the wars to come. Watch your back though, because no zone is a safe-zone.
  • The plan is to make everything custom except the classic runes we all love in the PvP aspect. Could be slight changes, but the main goal here is to keep a balance for all the players and vocations.
  • Currently thirty custom NPCs and much more to come, considering we have not covered the first city yet. And I'm planning on one more.
  • The server offers you 3-4 gamemodes in PvP that is not rotated, but free to pick whatever you feel to play. Every player is being informed about the amount of player in each gamemode incase there's a much populour one at the moment, so you could go there instead and join them.
  • Skull System has been remade, NPC dialouges being unique, as well as VIP system being worked on without any unfair benefits in mind.
This is some ideas I smashed together in couple weeks, and even though it might not sound too interesting, I will one day finish it and prove those wrong who doubted that you can't go and do your own thing in OpenTibia!

Who am I? Call me Novap in the OT Forums. I've been here for quite some time, believe it or not. Last but not least, here is my profession:
  • Programmer/Coder. Favorite language is C# and Python. Started coding Lua as a 12 year old, though being far from an expert considering I do not enjoy it as much as I do with other languages -- and there has been breaks here and there. Plus syntax changes in TFS over the years which made me struggle a bit.
  • Websites & Server Management for 13 years. I do have an easy time coming up with concepts, though I am nowhere close to being a web developer. That is something I rather hire someone else for. CSS is not my cup of tea. Backend is what I enjoy.
  • Penetration Testing/Finding vulnerabilitys is always enjoyable, especially when you get a smiley face from telling the actual owner about a possible security breach.
Idk what more to say, I do most stuff with code as I am an easy learner. Have any questions, feel free to ask. And I would gladly appreciate if you'd support my small following at Discord and maybe helping out / giving feedback. Eventually end up with a role within the Team. We have many to fill, so I am not even gonna name them all. Thanks for reading and hope to see someone working with me later on. Also, test server is currently locally hosted but we will soon move to Linux at AWS after securing it and made some calculations on a budget. As of right now, no one else has to worry about such things.

You interested, but only for making money? Hmm. Feel free to come anyways but as a student I am not too happy spending a lot if I can do coding or w.e in a slightly similar way even though it will probably take much more time.

Btw custom OTC client, OF COURSE!! Allowing unfair botting? Nah. We will also have our own anti-software against this. Enough said.

//Novap, old Tibia player looking for some nostalgic and well structured teamwork to make a fine project. LINK TO DEV DISCORD


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