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Selling 237 EK on Celesta


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Jun 5, 2013
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World: Celesta
World Type: Optional PvP
Transfer: 5~ months

Skills: 103/99~
Weapon type: Sword

Vocation: Knight
Gender: Male

Equipment: Prismatic Helmet, Emerald Sword, Prismatic Armor, Prismatic Shield, Zaoan Legs, Draken Boots
Cash: 400k~
House: 10sqm~ in Port Hope
Quests: later

Outfits: later
Mounts: Donkey, Hand, Panda

Recovery Key: Will come with the buy.
Confirmation Key: I can order one, but you'll have to pay 5€ and you have to be very trusted.

Payment Methods: Paypal
Price: 200$ (negotiable)

Skype: [email protected]