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7.4 Hellots


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Apr 15, 2022
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Hi guys I am here because I feel like I have an idea worth sharing.

I want to make an old school server and I understand how difficult it is to create a player base. I dont want to overshare information about the server or its details. At least not yet. Lets focus on the most important things. I want to orient the server on old school protocol because I personally believe it is utmost skill-based gameplay and allows for a lot of room to manually counter activities that could give unfair advantage.

Now when it comes to bots, I definitely know and understand that even to the best of my ability I wont be able to prevent bots, at least not without funding. No, I am not here to beg, I am here because I want to host and anti-cheat measures are something we can look into within the future if people enjoy what I am about to give.

I want to host a medium to high rate or a flowrate with a special system allowing for a small incentive of extra progression different to tasks that everyone else uses that came as an idea to me that I won't disclose rewarding manual players who are active within the game-world.

Now we have to understand that Tibia is based on time devoted to player progression. I do not want anybody spending their whole day in the game to have fun. That's why I am willing to pay for the host.

Let's be real servers do not last no matter what you do and there is a simple reason for this.
All of us are humane, We have jobs some have families but there is one thing that definately connects us it is that game that we feel like at home the game that brings us both grief and joy. I personally took many breaks from it but the adrenaline always make me seek it back. The action that PVP holds is unlike any other game the thrill of the hunt I call it.

I understand there is rpg players but It is not my main focus within this project so if you consider yourself rpg player you might not like my project because of undisclosed YET reasons. Yes yes I am building somehow hype 😉

I want this server to have a steady playerbase I do not need a thousand players. I do not expect it to be more than 200 but believe that it just might fit.

The grind

Now that is something that should feel rewarding but on almost every ot server it does not because people do not acknowledge it that is why I want to focus on all cosmetics to be obtainable within game world and have its own worth A worth that holds its value , you can consider how you understand those words I am sorry for mysteriando but experience taught me that people if they like my ideas will not hesitate to put them into their own servers and as much as copying is flattery I want my ideas to be unique and private atleast for first few days to give people fresh experience.

I like how trading within real world exist within tibia.
People choose to sell characters or items that might allow others to progress quicker lets be real not everyone shares the amount of time others devote to this game. I believe it is a good thing because it allows people who are so busy within their own private life to still play and enjoy the game that is dying in extreme pace! Remember you might die in pvp from someone who bought character but you didnt lose items you just lost time it took you to get them. I personally have gave up many times after death on servers and you know what? I had second look at my level and skills and realized that I grew my character with passion and I would disrespect myself over mere loss of blue robe when I am level 50 or a bag with cash on level 20. But you know what? With every level I can make that back quicker deathloss always seemed horrendous in the game and it made it feel like rogue like but also made me realize that with great power comes great responsibility and as much as I can lose something I can also gain it and when I first got involved in PVP in retro OT servers it made me proud to overpower someone sometimes by using game features I could just spawn in temple after dying in tomb find a player who would make runes semi afk bring him to door and field kill him and thats what made the game beautiful the ability to change the cards in my favor for some time. Making enemies and friends and overall social experience within game was something amazing I want to bring that back.

What I want to do is develop on my own pace and release server the sooner the better but I want to focus on 2 things.

Making game less grind oriented and more PVP rewarding.


The server would be based on real map just like other retro servers mainly because the map is nearly fully ready for gameplay and it is most time taking task to balance where I believe something everyone knows and likes is best bet as it proven to give atleast small amount of playerbase interested.

But let me hear this board I want to know without releasing too much information about inner workings just yet. I want to hear genuine players and their opinion from both sides those that Do have a life and the leaderboard hunters the ones that want to be on top no matter what aka no lifers.

I love tibia but I love people who play it more because if they login I am already rewarded with their presence. It is an amazing feeling when people play the server and I'd love to experience it yet again.
There are too many real map servers. I would personally play a new 7.4 that is costum and not one that has a real map.

Or a server that uses yurots map. I have been playing a 7.4 server like that. A lot of fun.
There is also too many players that want something they do not have to live by.
what i'm doing on my server is taking the negative sides and turning them into positive sides. that's enough for old school players to play.
And one thing I think, players who don't have time, shouldn't play pvp or complain about xp. if you don't have time, don't play.