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8.6 Appledore Map/Monsters/Npcs


Jan 9, 2016
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This map is the end result of 10 years of frustration <cough> mapmaking </cough>. It borrows from the Forgotten Server map and also has a few spawns that were imported from other mapmakers. As for the rest, 90% of the mapwork is original, including four cities - one of each: human, elven, dwarven, and cyclopean themes. The elven and dwarven cities were never finished. The elven city is usable. However, the dwarven city has no entrance. The dwarven city would probably be usable, I just never got around to connecting the tunnels that were to be the entry-way.

The map was made by three brothers. We haven't touched it in years. It seemed a shame to let it sit on my hard-drive unused. I included the monsters and npcs folders. However, you will need to update RME to include them if you want the customs to load/save in RME. I no longer have a working build for RME. If you do the work, and PM me the file, I will update this post. Else, feel free to reupload them yourself. All I ask is that the map-name remain the same.