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Discussion in 'Discussion' started by Red, Sep 14, 2012.

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    To those who own discussion threads for their servers,

    As of late I have noticed the little amount of discussion and the extremely large amount of advertising in this board. Many of you have neglected the fact that this is a discussion board meant for discussing OTs, not advertising your project. In this board there are many threads that do not understand the difference between discussion and advertisement, and I intend to correct that.

    This is meant for all those who post new threads or those who have already posted one, I will be checking threads in this board and I will decide whether or not your thread is really an advertising thread or a discussion thread. Do not be alarmed if you find your thread has been moved to the advertisement board. If this has occurred you will be notified VIA PM by me. Infractions will not be handed out to those who have already posted, but depending on my ruling will be moved and likely renamed to follow the rules of the advertising section.

    To all future posters in this board, if you do not heed this warning and your thread is deemed more of an advertisement thread than a discussion thread then you will be infracted for breaking the rules of this board. I hope I've made this clear as the other thread obviously wasn't clear enough.

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