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Andy's Mapping Thread

I agree with Andy, it doesn't need any more details, actually maybe I'd remove the grass tuffs and some of the stones on the road... but then again, what do I know?, I have a mapping blackout. (fuck you peroxide, just fuck you)
Looks, very nice but maybe you change ground on second pic? [to 724]
i think looks be better with some details
so, about the waterfalls i think he trying to copy the real waterfall ( real life ) and i think he got.

Good mapping man, just a little things a change, the streets look so empty, add more detail on them.
The mapping board is pretty much dead but I'll join in once again, this is unfinished but a little advance,

Not much there but looks cool :) I'm not a fan of those grass tufts inside the cave myself but everyone has his own taste ofc