Annoying things you hear often in your daily basis at work.


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Jun 22, 2009
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So this thread is pretty useless tbh. But could be funny nontheless.

So I work at a delivery Company, i drive a car and deliver packages to both Citizens and companies. And the things they say to me was funny at first but now its really annoying.

When they give a signature they most likely are going to say the following:
-Can you read it?
-It looks like a child wrote it.
-My name?
-Can i paint something on it instead?

You guys have anything annoying about your work?
please share!


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Nov 17, 2010
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I posted this early this year in a private discord, so I'm just copy-pasting it here. lol

On-call: pass the caller through, but stay on the line.
Me: Alright. I have the on-call on the line, go ahead.
Client: Why have you taken my website down? I demand you put it back immediately!
On-call: You didn't pay your January invoice, and although I explained very clearly the consequences of that non-payment, you still refused, so the website is now offline.
Client: But it's february now, so put it back online at once!
On-call: Well, you are refusing to pay the February invoice too, so I'm afraid that's not possible.
Client: Are we going to go through this charade every month?
On-call: I honestly hope not. You haven't paid and this is the third invoice I've sent.
Client: It's even more then the last one!
On-call: Yes. The contract you signed stated that I would add a late fee for payments missed.
Client: You mean I have to actually pay you? I thought you were joking!
On-call: What on earth made you think that?
Client: You're a freelancer!
On-call: And...?
Client: Well, you work for free! If you were supposed to be paid, you'd be called a.. a paidlancer or something!


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Aug 9, 2008
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United States

I work in an ICU, so I'm constantly hearing a multitude of similar sounds for 12 hours at a time.



Feb 12, 2018
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Ruining your servers.
I hate hospitals. They are so corrupt in the USA. I was working as a Christian Apostle at the time and the woman I was preaching to and listening to had to go pick up an older woman at the hospital so I went with her for prayer and support. When we got to her floor and looked into the room, she was lying there nude out in the open, they hadn't put any clothes on her or a gown. I hate those pieces of garbage that work at hospitals that call themselves nurses but don't do a loving holy job. They are supposed to help people heal, instead people get assaulted all the time at hospitals and when they are not compliant to FORCED treatments, they get switched to the mental ward prisons they have there and try calling them crazy for not trying to pay money to save their life. Which then blood which is sacred to an individual is stolen by a needle-assault, if you shake hands with people they call security and surround you and tie you to a bed. Its fucked up the amount of police corruption in the US. I see news story after news story of all over the country women getting beaten up at the hospital, at the beach, crooked cops man. I pray them dead. I stopped working for the LORD a while ago, now I just try to find some good client with kids that need to learn martial arts as I'm a grandmaster. All the reasons I've ever heard these crooked hospitals, cops and emts say was: "Its protocol". Yeah. I noticed, its protocol to beat the living shit out of some poor old woman because she's sick and spitting out of her mouth. Wow. Yeah. My story led up to that one, *What they say at work* "protocol" or "officers discretion".

The things I've heard as a grandmaster of martial arts that are annoying are, "What blackbelt are you." I don't wear a belt like that in public and I don't tell my degrees of blackbelt in number, my title is Grandmaster... if infers:Highest. I wear regular clothes with a regular belt, cause that's how people get attacked, gi's are for training purposes only. But they ask what to wear sometimes and I get annoyed when they question me more after I tell them "Wear what you usually wear" like I don't know what I'm doing. if they get attacked as a lawyer, then wear a suit to learn to protect yourself in it. Better have 2 :). Another annoying thing is when they try to test me without asking if they can, "HAH GOT YA", "Umm sir, " I reply, "I'm still talking to you calmly, you bumped my face rudely and you've won nothing." Then I cancel business with them for assault. It's happened once. Another annoying thing they say, "So which art do you teach." I know this might not annoy most people, but it annoys me, I don't teach any art but my own. Kelley. It starts by feeling like 100 other arts mixed, the classes advance because to be perfectly honest if an aikido blackbelt attacked a judo blackbelt, they both better know eachothers arts to properly know whats going to happen in the fight possibly to the death. It's serious. But yeah, I teach a little of every art which there is about 100-200 real official arts in the world. If you think it at 200 you see the similarities between some arts. As long as you can stop the kick, there could be 5 arts for the same block. Different in each art but blocks it the same way. Its really the endpoint that matters. Some guy used to say to me, have a toolbelt and 5 tools. That's good, but not as much when you're opponent knows a ton of arts. I joined a fight team years ago and trained with them all day for some odd years and at a mma gym at the same time. I never take tests when I do things public so I never get accreditted anymore. Just the idea of belt this and belt that annoys me. When people say stuff about belts a lot, I tell them to take off their belt and attack me with it. I call it, "handing me a weapon."


Mar 27, 2010
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> we want this feature in our app, how long it will take to implement this?
> around 14 hours
> great, do it and report when it's done
>> 2 months later
> you remember this feature from before? We don't want it, remove it completely
The only thing that keeps me alive is that I'm being paid per hour

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Feb 13, 2011
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one of our clients didn't understand the email we sent him, i need you to call him and explain the documents layout he has to upload (for the third time in a week).

*call him, explain every single bit*

*document comes in with wrong layout*

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May 7, 2008
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"How long on that table?"

I'm a cook, and I'm pretty fast. Once in awhile you get a table that thinks your McDonalds when they order like a well done ribeye or something.