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Ascecion Project [Beta Development]


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Aug 7, 2009
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Ascension Project Custom RPG server
on development

quest.pngAscension Project (previously named Dreamsoul Project ) is a server that is oriented in the RPG elements of diferent games, unique ideas from some other sources and wonderful playstyle that i hope must of you will enjoy

Server is currently On beta phase! so everyone is invited to come and try it out. server has receive a huge rework from all the feedback from alpha testing. so we improved alot.!


quest.pngWhat could you find on Ascencion?

In Ascension Project we make sure you have almost always something to do, we ensure that any type of player enjoys our game. so we added tons of mechanics and systems such as:

quest.pngCrafting & gathering
this includes 4 basic crafting jobs and 4 gathering jobs

~Cooking(under Development)~
~Rune Seeking~

quest.pngFame System & fame points

fame is our bread and butter unique currency, which any player can get from just doing content, you could just dedicate into crafting and get fame by crafting or gathering items, or you could be a Slayer that look up for fame monsters, complete dungeons, exploring the map to find treasures.
you will always get rewarded!
quest.pngQuests & tasks

You can find tons of quests around the map, some will require to slain one hiding spy, or maybe just run around trying to catch some chickens with one broom like a crazy man, some will require for you to think more than that.
You can also get Killing tasks to obtain server rewards such as stat stones, armor or weapon random loot boxes based on your level.

quest.png6 Unique Vocations
You can currently play with 6 unique vocations, they are very custom and we push every day to make the balance between all of them just perfect.
each of our vocations const with their own class passive.!

quest.pngmany and many more systems

upgrade & rarity items
perfect dual wielding
Unique attack types for each distance weapon
Mystic Pouches
Fame Monsters
Unique Pet system with pet levels and pet passive spells!
Custom Spells
Custom animations
New Sprites
Improved Client.

this list will never end but you can come and test our server!

This thread will be updated with every single patch!

Visit us at:

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for all new players i updated the site with the new client build, for some reason the link didnt update before. you should be playing on Ascension 1.5 not 1.2
asc logo.png

  1. nightblade passive: DeathBringer will now deal 180% damage instead of 100% and recover from 14% - 17% of your max mana on proc.
  2. many spells & distance weapons were update with level factor multiplier (big buff) also classes such as dragonknights , nightblades, templars and warlocks should benefit from this changes
  3. ammo slot items can now be enchanted and have rarities (such as torches)
New Testing phase will be available starting tonight.
discord and server will be available for everyone to join.

Pre-launch Testing Server will be available now for public starting tonight. You can now test preview:
  • new vocations
  • new zones
  • new tasks & quest
  • new dungeon & dungeon boss fights
  • new currencies
  • new islands
  • tons of bug fixes
  • jobs and crafting adjustments and fixes
  • new spells new
  • balance adjustments pvevsplayer and pvp
  • upgrade changes
  • tons of QoL changes and more enjoy the patch!
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that happens when u speak 3 languages, u often get confused.
Basically the 10th time im going to hype this server up, theres like 3-5 ot server owners that actually try to make a amazing, unique game & dont chase money only. this one does exactly what i love. good balance of play/collect/craft, amazing custom sprites and interesting vocations. Once this launches this will be insane.
I have played the early content and really enjoyed the client, graphics and the map. It still fees like an early version, but has a lot of potential. Good classes that seems quite balance for the early phase, nice and fun hunts.... I will be playing this testing phase for sure and hyped for the final release.
Been following this project for quite a long time and it looks more promising every changelog. lots of fun content and customized vocs. looking forward to the future of the project! keep up the good work.
Played a bit on the alpha and really enjoyed it, this time around on the public test server I am having even more fun. It's a very good project that has so much to do and always keeps you busy whether it be crafting, resource gathering, questing, hunting or just exploring.

As for the owner, Nokturno. He is an an amazing owner and he's always listening to the community and taking everything under advisement and wanting to see the server progress the way the community does. It's a trait that is very lacking these days in OT owner communities and it's a nice to come across someone with these traits.
really funny server playing light dancer and stacking on hit effects having blast xD
Played on alpha, played now,
it's improving, slowly but surely
there is a lot of work there seems to be that has to be done though
I've played this server since early alpha and I continue to enjoy it today. I've gotten to try out multiple vocations and help the Owner anyway I can. It's been amazing getting to work through stages with this community.