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[Australia] [7.72] - RetrOTs Real Map

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Feb 12, 2012
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Welcome to RetrOTs! for many years Australia has not had a 7.72 real tibia! Every single NPC/Quest works just as tibia 7.72 would have with only a few slight changes for the better! We are also looking into the future to host a European Server and an American Server.

We have changed the traditional skull system with a new system. It is PVP enforced but with a twist, we have kept the skull system. so while you have a frag count you can still get EXP for killing other players above lvl 20!

Server EXP, Skill and Loot rate is very low. EXP = 2x SKill = 1x Loot = 1x

There is no trainers but we have added to each town a Training weapons facility. you can acquire the weapons from our online shop for a small fee.

Cavebotting and MCing has been allowed on this ot, however, aimbot in PVP will not be allowed.

Our goal is to provide you guys with a fun server to play. RetrOTs has a fully committed team and the server is here to STAY! I understand this gets thrown around a lot in the Australian community but this server is not going anywhere for a LONG time! So log in today and come join us!

Raids to be turned off.
new accounts to receive the free 14 days I think we agreed on.
website news to be added. ill send it in a seperate msg.

PVP Settings
Style: Open-PVP with experience from killing players
Red skull: 3 kills in a day, 5 in a week, 10 in a month
Red skull duration: 30 days

Experience: 2
Skills: 1
Magic: Static 1

General Gameplay Settings
Free premium? Yes, 3 days only but the premium is cheap!.
Runes unlimited? No.
Ammunition unlimited? No.
Spears break? No - regular spears are infinite.
Adori blank? no
Potions unlimited? No.
Soul enabled? yes.
Need to learn spells? Yes.
Free travel by boats? no.
Free travel by magic carpets? No.
Free Djinn? no
Free Rashid? no
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