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[Blackstone] Mapping showoff

Yeah, map something already lol :D *jk Love ya <3
I wished I had more time lately. Is there anything you'd like to see?
Just request whatever you'd like to see next and I'll pick something from the list :)

I have participated in the autumn contest. I sadly did not make it in the top 3.
Even tho I did not really invest more than 20 minutes, I still like it very much and expected a better result.
Soo here it is.


A big shout out to @Andréew who has definitly deserved to win, congratz. :)
But take care. I will contest you in the upcoming event and I won't let you win that easy ever again!

Cheers ;)
I liked your entry and it sure was on my top 3 list, its simple yet captures what i like within the theme.

Im looking forward to next contest! Super stoked to see you wanna challange for the wins! Its gonna be awesome my friend! May the best man win! :D

You always inspired me with your pieces so it Will be hard to win over you when you actually out your effort into it!

Lake village
Mountain side camp
Underwater temple
New approach to pyramids (something im gonna play around with soon)
Nomad camp
Glacier nature with cracks and stuff

Thats some of the things i would like to see ;)
At last years i see also your maps it's means every good mapper always will be back here. Glad to see your art keep it going :)
Blackstone has always, to me, been the one mapper that stood out in making the cleanest, most functional maps.
I feel like every entity has been put out with thought behind it.

Just an overall very solid mapper, keep it up, would love to see some more work from you.
Thanks for the kind words. I really appreciate that and it's probably why I keep coming back everytime after a while. 😘

I am currently working on this new map. It's not very far yet but I am spending all my rare mapping times there.
(Including all the competition entries as whole areas within the map.)
As soon as it will be ready in a first version, I will release it.

In addition, finally after 13 years of programming experience I found some motivation to dig a bit into lua-coding for tibia besides mapping.
Since I am not doing any serious server, this is just to experimentate a bit.

Based on the average damage per second of a monster, it calculates a probability to drop a backback full of certain items.
For testing purposes the factor to get a drop is very high.


Cheers :)
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Hello again!

I have round about 90 screenshots that I can share with you just from the map I work on currently.
Most of them have been showed off somewhere else a couple years ago. Since most of you probably can't remember, I will repost some of them from time to time.
But since I am mapping quite actively right now, to fill some missing areas, I can share some real progress with you. :)

As said before, I am concentrating to map very fast to offer a next state of the project as soon as possible. Keeping it clean and simple.
This time it's also not filled with life already. Any ideas what kind of monsters could fit in?
Swamp caves_1.png
Swamp caves_2.png
(last one is inspired by a piece in my inspiration folder, I can't remember who made it)

Hope you enjoyed the small updates.