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[BOARD RULES] Read this before posting

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The rules for this board are listed people. If your thread does not follow them exactly, it will be deleted and you will be warned!

Tips for posting your thread:
  • Disable Ad-Blocker if you have one activated. Most Ad-Blockers, if not all, react to the word "advertisement", making it impossible to click the submit button (OTLand does not have ads anyway).
  • Follow the rules and don't try to bend around them. I.e, if it says 7 days — it's 7 days — not 7 days and 23h.
General rules
  • Don't advertise an OTS more than a week (7 days) before being open to all players (a live test server does not count)
  • You can only advertise servers that you own or host yourself
  • You can only have one active (open) thread per server
  • You must not post advertisements using alternative accounts, especially per-OTS accounts
    • Alternative or shared accounts will be banned per general rules
Rules about thread TITLE
Thread's title can say it all about your ot. The thread name must contain the information below in THIS ORDER <-- DON'T BE YODA!:
  1. [Country] - The country where the server is being hosted, If you have multiple servers(NOT proxies) write it like this [Sweden, Brazil, Canada]
  2. [Client version or CUSTOM]
  3. Server's name (It says NAME, not IP! or WEBSITE ADDRESS)
Rules about thread CONTENT
  • Must be in English only and completely
  • Must contain server address and port to connect (unless it's custom client)
  • Must contain Client version (unless it's custom client)
  • All required information MUST be provided in text
  • Images are allowed but must be either:
    • Attached and included as thumbnails
    • Uploaded and linked from imgur.com
Example of good thread

Now, I will give you an example of Advertising. Keep in mind that if you provide more information, the chance that players try out your OTS is bigger.

Thread name:
[Sweden] [7.92] Galonia
Thread content:
IP: galonia.net
Port: 7171

Client: Tibia 7.92/own client
Uptime: 24/7
Hosted in: Sweden, on a dedicated server with 100 mbits Internet connection.
Website: http://galonia.net
Exp rate: 3x
Map: Custom, Home made. It contains 3 cities and a jungle
Runes: Normal charges and prices
Loot rate: 2x
Server type: Pvp-Rpg. 3 kills gives you Red skull and 6 lends you to a ban.
Skills & Magic rates: 10x Skill and 3x Magic.

More Features:
Poi Quest
Balanced vocations
Tutor exam on the site
Addons system (rl tibia)

Rules about replying to a thread
To avoid creating unnecessary arguments and thus getting posts that includes no valuable information, read and follow these pointers below.

As the Thread Starter:
  • News! Community pictures! Teaser trailers! These types of posts are your free "bumps" that promotes your server and encourages people to get in on the fun! There should never be a reason to just post "bump" in an advertisement thread, it just gives a bad impression about the current state of your OT server. It also messes up with the structure of the board, and it is in fact against the rules to blatantly post a message with no useful information just to get your post back up on top of the board again.
  • Don't enter a direct discussion with your critics! You might find "haters" or "toxic" people in your thread. If they are violating the rules, report them, else stay away. Think of the principles of advertisement: it is never in your favor to increase exposure of hating posts, if you address them critically, you end up making a fool out of yourself. The purpose of your advertisement thread is not to win an argument or to be a messiah, but to promote your OT server. Emphasising on its best qualities is thus better than giving attention to the worst critics. Deal with constructive criticism in a professional and respectful manner.

As the User:
  • Commenting about the advertised server's negative sides is totally OK. Insulting a user however, is NOT OK. Learn to know the difference between giving constructive criticism and showing bad manners. It is perfectly fine saying that a server is bad because you think that the server is spoofed and that the admin is showing corrupt behavior. It's not about what points you're trying to make about the server, positive or negative. It's about the way you are expressing yourself.
  • Do not discuss about other servers on an advertisement thread. It is considered to be off-topic and a form of advertisement per say.
  • If you're unsure about any rules, be sure to study the official rules.
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