Programmer Bounty 10$


7.6 is the best :D
Nov 3, 2012
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General information:
tfs 0.4 protocol772

1. Exana ina seems not to cancel the invisibility properly.
2. Gate of expertise if player dies in gate of expertise body should be relocated to next free tile ( body disappears instead and doors shut)
3. onEquip exhaust to be completely stripped away from all other exhaust in game and set to 0 meaning that we can shoot rune and change ring instantly or run and change the ring instantly or heal use mf and then change ring without smallest of exhaust other than 100 ms if its deequip more than 3-4 times in 1 second (to prevent bot lagging)
4.fields deal 50% of dmg with "pvp damage" instead of full field damage and monsters do not receive damage onStep
2.5$ for each fix except 3. (can pay extra for this little extra effort of setting .getconfiglua up)
extra 15$ there for more jobs once tasks are done ( jobs are gonna be harder gonna be better payied but i know well there is many people here with fully working sources so its pretty much copy paste job as far as im concerned. if you wish pm or post your prices per each and i will consider it.