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[Brazil] [7.4 / Custom] D2-Server - Re-open! [24.05, Sunday 20:00 -3 GMT]

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Oct 14, 2010
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Site: D2-Server | old school (https://d2server.online/)

Port: 7171
Client: 7.72

Our server is featured with 7.4 and 8.0 characteristics, but e use OTCLIENT because it supports DirectX 9

» Rates:

Level 1 → 30 100x
31 → 50 70x
51 → 70 35x
70 → 90 15x
91 → 100 10x
101 → 120 5x
121 → ??? 2x

Skill: 10x
Magic: 7x
Loot: 2x

» Frags:

RedSkull Kills/Day → 5
Ban Kill/Day → 10
Ban Lenght → 48 hours

» Unique Features:

-7.4 Features: No Protection zone on boats and carpet. Spells, vocations and spells formuled based on Tibia 7.4. There is Hotkleys!
-Task System: Killing monsters to receive experience, itens and spend Task Points on our
-Party Sharing Experience. You can share experience in-party with your friends, and receive 10% bonus experience when actived (/party enable; /party disable).
-No runes on Shop. They must be conjured.
-Double Charged Runes. You conjure runes with twice more charges then real tibia (eg. Sd 2x).
-No Soul. Conjure as many as you want.
-Conjure Runes on your backpack. You can leave blank rune on your backpack to conjure them!

» New Respaw:

-Quick respaws.
-North Darashia's Dragons
-Banuta -13, -14, -15.
-All Tombs with loaded monsters, and coins working.

» Vocation Features:

-Damage increased by 9% and attack speed increased by 17% for Knights and Paladins.
-Paladins conjure 2x more ammunition. (eg. exeta con = 30 arrows)
-Spears no not break, they fall to below the target.
-Small Stones has a 5% break chance, meaning that one small stone can hit multiple times (Monsters can drop up to 5x more small stones, eg: goblins up to 25).
-There is no Soul
-Paladins conjure 2x more ammunition. (eg. exeta con = 30 arrows)
-Blank Rune conjuring: You can create blank rune using 'adori blank' words.

» NPCs:

-They do not sell runes.
-You can buy backpack of mana fluid using the words: 'buy bp of mana'
-You can buy backpack of blank rune using the words: 'buy bp of blank'
-Djins can be found on their regular respaws, or east of thais (east exit gate)
-Rashid can be found at Edron Depot, or east of thais (underground from east gate)
-You can buy bless from NPC Avar Tar located on Edron.
-Eremo sells amulet of loss.

» Game Features:

-All monster drop up to 100 gold coins at 40-60% chance.
-Bank system.
-Flasks disappear when using mana fluids.
-Automatic Raids.
-You can access Demona thru teleport , or walking.
-Auto-stack items: Items like gold will be automatically grouped.
-Full HP and MP at level up.
-Stone Skin Amulet not avaiable on shop or NPC's, you need to drop them from Warlock or Hydra.

»Extra Information:

-Real Tibia map: Full real Tibia map, incluiding all NPCs, monsters and quests. Also, new respaws as mentioned before.
-Uptime: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
-Team: Dedicated team, ready to give you the proper support.
-You: We want you as a player! Your opinions, advice and / or complaints will be welcome in our forums.​