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[Brazil] [8.0] Classic Global

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Nov 20, 2020
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Come Relive the Golden Age of Tibia! - Opening 09/21 - 16:00 BR
Day 21 is coming! Get ready for the grand presentation of our Tibia server, designed to bring back the nostalgia of the golden age of 2007.

🌟 Server Features:
✨ Average experience: 10x1x
✨ Skills: 2x
✨ Magic: 2x
✨ Drop: 1x
✨ Regeneration: 3x
✨ Make Rune: 2x
🛡️ Free bless level 50
👥 Party share with bonus
🎯 Task system
🌐 Mult Client maximum allowed 2 per IP

🗺️ Exploration:
Discover a complete global map with improvements in some areas. It's the classic Tibia experience you love.

🆓 Completely free to play:
Play without financial worries. There is no payment required to enjoy it.

🎯 Our Goal:
We are committed to providing a high-quality, stable, long-lasting server where you can make great friends. In our community, fun always comes first.

Set the date: Thursday, September 21st. Don't miss the opening! Invite your friends and join us to relive the magic of Tibia.

WhatsApp Image 2023-09-20 at 13.45.12.jpeg
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Hello my dear friends!

We are online and at full steam

Hunt updates in Liberty Bay, Ankrahmun, Thais!

Visiting the old and discovering the new!

Here you can truly feel nostalgia.

Join us as we are just at the beginning!!
New cellars and item in today's Liberty Bay update
WhatsApp Image 2023-09-29 at 11.12.49.jpeg
a small change in the frags

It was configured from 3 to 5 red skull frags, and the time of the frags will be 8 hours

Remembering that with this change, I will also be stricter against abuses of power.

High level killing new ones, low levels without explanation will be punished.

Hope you like it.
Soon after tomorrow's global save, updates to the city of Liberty Bay will come into effect.

New hunts:

In Edron, it was improved in the Cave of Dragons

Wyrn, Bog Raider, Grim Reaper and Fury.

Along with it we added new items, Focus Cape and Paladin Armor.

Hope you like it.

Cellar updates

In Fibula, a hunt for Black knights and Heros was added

Dragon Cave in Thais has been increased

Dragon cave and Ankhramum dl have been increased

New Hydras cave in Ankhramun

Other cellars were improved.

We will soon announce more hunts and dungeons!

Guys, increase the maximum MC to 4


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