1. tejdi

    [tfs 1.2] Global storage for specific time

    I would like to allow action only once per X time for a whole server (10 min for example), how could I do this? Scheme: local config = { monsterPos = {x=790, y=978, z=11}, exhaust = X -- ?? } function onUse(player, item, fromPosition, target, toPosition, isHotkey) if game world...
  2. G

    [Brazil] [10.98/11.02] Tibera new server GLobal Map + Additions STARTED: [30.04, Tuesday 16:00 CET] | Dedicated Server 1Gbp/s +AntiDDOS 24Hrs

    IP: Port: 7171 Client: Tibia 10.98 outdated (available for download from IpChanger at Tibia 11.02) Support for up to two thousand people. Server 24 hours with 1Gbp / s dedicated IP + antiDDOS. The server experience rate is customized: Experience average 30x 1 - 8 8x...
  3. Phemus

    [USA] [8.60] Zanera Online - START APRIL 20

    After months of hard work, we can finally say Zanera-Online will open doors this April 20th. Website: Port: 7171 Email: [email protected] facebook: Features: Global map 100% All Tibia cities New hunt islands Daily automatic events New Items...
  4. GM Mega

    [USA][10.00] Telera-Global! Full RL MAP + Teleports

    Hello and welcome to Telera-Global! This is a brand new Open Tibia Server with full map RL! It has it's own custom teleports, so you can fast level, and don't need team. Bot is allowed and you can also have as many MC's as you want! Server is FULL DDOS PROTECTED and has high speed internet...
  5. miguelshta

    [USA][8.0] Venebra Real Map START IN 2 HOURS

    NEW REAL MAP TIBIA SERVER 8.0 IP: News - Venebra ( Client:<br />k78UXu Version: 8.0 &amp;amp; custom contet like monsters and addons Exp Rate Stage: Starts 50x Map: Real Map Loot Rate: 3x Skill Rate: 30x...
  6. S

    [Canada] [Custom - 10.00/11.9] AntariaWars BR - Opening 02/02

    Ip: Grand Opening: 02/02 - 12h00 a.m Greenwich Time Client: Tibia 10/11.9 - own client Uptime: 24/7 Hosted in: Canada, on a dedicated server. Website: AntariaWars: Latestnews ( Exp rate: Stages Map: Global Runes: Infinite charges with normal...
  7. Asheex

    [SWEDEN] [7.4] [ASERA] [REAL 7.4] START 06.01.2019 [18;00]

    Signup for the 7.4 - 7.7 Real OTS Global / Own Client PORT: 7171 UPTIME 24/7 WEBSITE: The server start is scheduled for 06 January 18:00 CEST. You'll be able to login and create your account and characters, but you'll not be able to login untill...
  8. RoyalYeta

    TFS 1.X+ Tfs/otx Real map

    Hello! I am looking for data pack tfs 1.2 with a small number of errors is there any other imbuing system after za otx? what do you think about otx? whether to choose tfs 1.2?
  9. Giorox

    TFS 0.X Red Skull not being assigned

    So i'm running a 0.3.6 TFS Global server (8.6) but I am having trouble getting the Skull System to work like global tibia. What happens is, white skulls are being assigned normally, on attacking/killing an unmarked player, although the server is not assigning a red skull to a player after the...
  10. M

    Have a problem with the rewards chest

    I dont have a nice english so I would try... I tried to do this tutorial in my 10.98 ot server Feature - Reward Chest & Boss Reward [TFS 1.2] but it keeps failing it says "you need to wait X seconds before using the chest again" and when u click it it closes when u kill a boss it keeps...
  11. Asheex

    [Poland] [Real / 8.6] [02.05.2018, 18:00 Polish Time]

    Start Date: 02.05.2018 Time: 18:00 Polish Time Server Info: Client 8.60 IP: Port: 7171 Experience Stages: 1 - 50 level, 800x 51 - 100 level, 450x 101 - 130 level, 235x 131 - 150 level, 120x 151 - 170 level, 80x 171 - 190 level, 50x 191 - 230 level, 25x 231 - 250 level, 12x...
  12. M

    TFS 1.X+ Global.lua variables

    Hi, just a quick question that I was curious about. Let's say we have a fixed value specified in our lua spells file like that: local myVariable = 5 local combat = createCombatObject() setCombatParam(combat, COMBAT_PARAM_TYPE, COMBAT_PHYSICALDAMAGE) setCombatParam(combat, COMBAT_PARAM_EFFECT...
  13. Falacchi

    [Brazil] Tibera - Online day 30/03/2018 (19hBRA) - 10x/11x

    Tibera Global Website: Version: 10x / 11.x Facebook Page: Tibera.Online -English- Our Open-Tibia Global server has the latest performance and quality technologies. With this we offer a clean and fast server. We have an In-game support team 20 hours a day. Being able to answer...
  14. Falacchi

    [BRAZIL] FORTERA 7.4 |OPEN 09/02/18 | DDos Protected|Anti-bot Client|

    Fortera.Ml The best old school server Opening Day 02/09/2018 Hello Otland. Coming up to the best oldschool option of the optional servers! Fortera.ML! Opening day 02/09/2018 Wait for you there ! Here are some features Basic Information: -Website : Fortera.ML -The server will have Medium...
  15. drafenous

    Draferia Online - 8.6

    Welcome to Draferia! We are publicly releasing the server testing environment today. The game will be available 24/7 during the course of the test, which closes on 11/15/2017. The player who reports relatively valid errors on the server will receive 15 VIP points when releasing the Shop...
  16. Y

    [Brazil] Wake Soft 10.98 Global Full 100x exp

    Venho trazer a vocês um server novinho, projeto novo e divertido destinado a vocês tibianos! Segue descrições do nosso trabalho! Server sério, dedicado pela OTManager. ~ Apresentamos a vocês o Wakesoft Global Full ~ - Mapa global completo - Otherworld - Battefield Event - Capture...
  17. G

    Lua Problem Taming.lua inoperative uniwheel

    Hello Guys, I have a problem using my script taming.lua In local config i'm set type = "TYPE_ITEM" for taming uniwheel but don't worked See script bellow: Script changed by me [13938] = { name = 'inoperative uniwheel', id = 15, type = TYPE_ITEM, chance = 30...
  18. M

    C++ Global storage in c++ tfs 1.2

    How to check GLOBAL storage value in c++? This is for normal storage: int32_t value; if (attackerPlayer && attackerPlayer != this && getStorageValue(5000, value) == 1 && skillLoss getGlobalStorageValue(5000, value) == 1 <-not work game.getStorageValue(5000, value) == 1 <-not work...
  19. Malvera-War

    [USA] Malvera-War START at 26/03 18:00 GMT-3 Full 10.99/ Exclusive War Anti Intruder

    After a few months working behind the scenes, I'll introduce you to Malvera-War, the newest Global 10.99 today. Complete server for you, with lots of Wars, Hunts and lots of fun, with all the Tibia news! IP: Port: 7171 Client: 10.99 Website: Latestnews - Malvera Rates: Stages...
  20. Klonera

    Vote Custom ot or Global?

    Hi, we need to start an vote to see what wins between an Global server 10.98 or Custom ot The winning thing will be made. 10.98 Evolera - Medium Exp ;) 10.98 Evolera - High Exp - No buffs unless someone can script it and get paid 10.98 Global Custom Town - Slamos