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[Canada] [13.20] ReboOT started 15/07/2023

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Greetings, adventurers!

We've been seeing some steady growth over the last few weeks. Please take a look at our latest news to stay up to date as we do post our updates there daily; but here's a list of what's new this week!

Remember - Ferumbras is spawning bi-weekly, growing stronger with each fight! Don't fall behind!

Latest News​

  • A bug causing a crash with discord broadcasts has been fixed and are now active again
  • New linked vocation mechanic
    • From now on having a character of at minimum level 100 in your account will provide all your other characters with a passive buff, which is increased by 1% every 100 levels.
    • Elite knight
      • gives % more loot
    • Royal paladin
      • gives % more crit dmg
    • Elder Druid
      • gives % more healing from potions and spells
    • Master Sorcerer
      • gives % more damage
  • The health for for the following bosses has been reduced by 50%
    • Duke Krule
    • Earl Osam
    • Count Vlarkorth

2023-09-09, 7:19:11 p.m.

Wheel Of Destiny Improvements​

We've tweaked the Wheel Of Destiny to ensure it works perfectly. Here are some key changes:
  • Fixed Beam Mastery Cooldown Reduction: Beam Mastery now correctly applies cooldown reduction, making it more powerful in combat.
  • Strong Ethereal Spear Cooldown Reduction: Enjoy improved gameplay as cooldown reduction now works as intended for Strong Ethereal Spear.
  • Energy Wave Enlarged Area: Energy Wave's Enlarged Area effect has been fixed as well.

Paladin Enhancements​

Paladins, get ready for some well deserved fire power! We've increased the damage for your arrows and bolts, allowing you to deal more damage to your foes.

2023-09-08, 7:11:47 p.m.

Increased Roulette Token Drop Rate​

We've boosted the drop rate for Roulette Tokens, making it even more rewarding to run bosses! Spin the roulette to win fantastic prizes!

Enhanced Drops from Main Bosses​

Now, you have a better chance of acquiring valuable Cobra, Falcon, and Lion items when facing the three most popular bosses – Oberon, Scarlett, and Drume. Collect these prized items get ready to tier up!

Tomb Coal Basins Fixed​

We've resolved an issue with the Tomb Coal Basins not working correctly with Scarab Coins.

Dreamer's Challenge Quest​

We've fixed a bug in Mission 5 that was taking items without making the portal appear. You can now progress smoothly through the quest.

2023-09-06, 7:14:58 p.m

Heart Of Destruction (HOD) Boss Changes​

  • The following bosses from HOD can now be fought without prior access:
    • Outburst
    • Eradicator
    • World Devourer
  • The following boss levers are currently disabled and will be reworked to fit the new standards for HOD levers:
    • Realityquake
    • Rupture
    • Anomaly

Linked Vocation System​

  • Fixed a bug causing the bonuses to not be calculated properly/applied sometimes.
  • All linked bonuses should now be displayed in the server log properly.

Task Changes​

  • Dragon – experience raised from 2.5kk to 5kk.
  • Dragon Lord – experience raised from 2.5kk to 8kk.
  • Banuta – experience raised from 1kk to 5kk.
  • The following tasks had their experience raised from 5kk to 10kk and plat token reward raised from 1 to 2:
    • Asura Palace
    • Otherworld
    • Minotaur Hill
    • Razachai
    • Mini Rosha
    • Spectres
    • Drakens
    • Issavi
    • Feru Way
    • Catacombs
    • Feyrist
    • Rosha Prison
    • Werelions
    • Wyrms
    • Lava Lurkers
    • Werehyaenas
    • Barkless
    • Old Fortress
    • Exotic Cave
    • Ancient Scarabs
    • Lycanthrope Ground
  • The following tasks had their experience lowered from 15kk to 10kk:
    • Inner Asura Palace
    • Bashmus
    • Netherworld
    • Cobra Bastion
    • Falcon Bastion
    • Lion Bastion
    • Roshamuul
    • Secret Library
    • Ingol
Thanks for reading! Hope to catch you in game soon! Our amazing, helpful and dedicated community is ready to welcome you.

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