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OTClient Cannot connect to server at all


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Feb 5, 2019
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I just compiled a server 7.4
I've tried changed to every IP thats possible even in c:/windows/drivers/etc/hosts....

If I run a 8.6 server it works fine to connect.
My website and everything are working and people can connect to the website create accounts, characters etc.

The problem is that noone can connect to the server, not even me on (

I dont know if there is any problem with the compile itself.
If someone have time to help, please write and ill add you on any software your using (teamviewer,facebook,discord etcetc)

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After some looking, it seems like it is working to connect with a 7.72 client.
I compiled with a TFS 1.2 as a 7.4 but cannot connect with 7.4

Anyone knows why?
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