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Carrying to gold


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Jul 18, 2014
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I can carry your acc to :
Silver from bronze
Gold from silver

I accept Tibia gold, or Lol skins.
If u have offer, priv please.

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I'll carry you from bronze to plat 1. I accept paypal or lol skins [na]
First account carried, from silver I to gold V in 10 games (9 wins 1 lose).
If your interested pm me priv.
Bump 1 guy boosted, from S 1 to G v in 10 games ( 9 wins ).
Priv if your interested
If someone is interested check name "Zool93" - Eune
right now : 24 wins - 3 loses - platinum V from unranked.
Season going to the end and reward is waiting "chempion + skin"
Awesome skin morgana (100% sure) waiting for everyone who'll be gold in this season, 30 days left to get gold.
Another boosted guy, who will enjoy Victorious Morgana + chempion.
+ gold page

Actually i boost few pll alraedy, less then 5 but more then 1 ;p
I have no account euw, msg me on skype name : dangorrr