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Cast freezes after connect help


Mar 7, 2023
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Engine: TFS 1.5 (Nekiro Downgrade)
Tibia Version: 8.60

I have a big question, I have tried to add several cast system to the "TFS 1. 5 downgraded by Nekiro", which is fine to some extent, the list, the commands, but when you connect to a character who is casting, everything is frozen, but still I can see the set that brings, his skills, capacity, his life and mana, it is as if he did not receive packets, while the person who is casting works normally, he does receive the packets, and if this person who is casting makes a turn, the user who joined the cast if he makes a step, the turn is updated and you can see it, but everything is still stuck for that user who joined the cast (only for the person who joined the cast, for the one who is casting nothing happens to him and the other people around, nothing happens to them).

In a way, the user who joined the cast receives a packet when connecting, and also receives it when trying to walk but it is only to see the "turn" of the person who is casting, otherwise he does not receive any map, packet or ping update.

  • It is not a server freeze
  • Not a CPU problem (stays the same)
  • Not a problem of any other PC component (stays the same)
If someone could give me a hand with this, because it is the only thing I would be needing for it to be complete.