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PHP Change Shop Points into Tibia Coins Auction Char


May 13, 2015
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Hello , i have searched on github and posts of @Znote but i dont find the solution, i have founded convert ingame store tibia coins into shop points, but not shop points into tibia coins.

I Have tried change somethings on auctionchar.php for search into ' accounts ' ' coins ' instead of ' znote_accounts ' ' points ', but have tried all possibilities and i think im wrong

This is why i try change on auctionchar.php ( all before was znote_account and points, instead of coins FROM 'accounts ' ) i have saved the original file.

What i want is just buy and sell characters with Tibia coins

Ps: I Try add the code but seems is more than 25000 digits and i can't post it is the auctionchar.php
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Well i have found a similar solution for this,
Add in game an item like 16101 ( premium scroll )
And in scripts ( actions ) , for TFS 1.3 ( tibia 12x )

so i made this script, on use is giving correctly 10 Shop Points,
Anyway if anyone know how to ( change into tibia coins in website Znote ) i want the solutions, thanks you

local shopPoint = Action()

function shopPoint.onUse(player, item, fromPosition, target, toPosition, isHotkey)
local points = 10 -- quantidade de coins que o item vai dar
  db.query("UPDATE `znote_accounts` SET `points` = `points` + '" .. points .. "' WHERE `id` = '" .. player:getAccountId() .. "';")
  player:sendTextMessage(MESSAGE_EVENT_ADVANCE, "You received "..points.." Shop Points")
  return true

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