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Programmer Compiling 1 year old otclient (Release/Debug x32/x64 & Static libs)

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May 31, 2020
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Hey there.
First, here's my old job thread: Programmer - Looking for an OTClient Lua developer. Small jobs for €10-40 each. Open to prepayments to reputable developers only. (https://otland.net/threads/looking-for-an-otclient-lua-developer-small-jobs-for-eur10-40-each-open-to-prepayments-to-reputable-developers-only.271023/)

I've been working with @zelekharibo for the past month.
He's fixed all the bugs listed in the last post of my old thread + some additional tweaks etc. Paid him about $100 so far in BTC.
We're still working together, but recently he seems to have been more busy and already has a lot of tasks from me scheduled, so I'd like to try to hire someone else while he's busy to help me with compiling my 1 year old otclient project on MSVS2019 x32 with static libs (both Release and Debug working would be optimal).
I'm not going to share complete sources, I'll mostly just report back compilation or runtime-errors, vc14 project files, and source snippets when required.

Some more useful info about my otclient project for the devs:
  • It successfully uses embedding of data/modules (wrote my own embedder)
  • It works fully on Linux, never any errors or unexpected bugs at all, both with and without debug info.
  • I've fixed Release x64 compilation (but the client exits randomly 2/3rd's of the time before completing bootup).
  • Release x32 complains about missing zlibstatic.lib and physfs-static.lib (without setting "use static libs").
  • I've tried registering and using otclient-sdk and renaming zlib.lib to zlibstatic.lib, didn't help.
  • I've tried renaming the linker entry from zlibstatic.lib to zlib.lib, it compiled, but ended up with hundreds of linker errors.
  • I've tried replacing the project files with the most recent project files, both x32 and x64 Release compiled successfully! But the application crashes with a lib/Microsoft error on run.
  • I've also installed all the static libs for x32 and x64 through vcpkg, didn't change anything.
  • After replacing project files with latest project files -> replace with old ones again, I'm still persistently getting a new linker error, "unresolved external symbol ERR_load_crypto_strings" in crypt.obj for the x64 build.

Contact me if you're experienced with compiling otclient on MSVS with/without debug info/static libs, etc, or at least would like to try fixing my Release build issues.

Also, my discord's on my website in the signature.
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