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Creating server for myself to play offline.


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Apr 19, 2023
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Hey guys! After few days of browsing ot server lists and looking for „perfect” server I’ve decided I will create my own.
Must haves:
1. Can play it using otclientv8
2. The most up-to-date server
3. Best Real map

What server should I look for? Is forgotten server 1.4.2 the way? Can I play on it using otclientv8?
Which tutorial should I follow? Its my first time
You need:
(MySQL + Apache) (For Database and Website)
Znote AAC (To use as website to create accounts)
TFS (The Server.exe + Datapack)
OTCV8 or Otclient

Download from github and put all files in c:\xampp\htdocs
"Put xampp MySQL and Apache Online"
1.Make a database with xampp in
2.Import schema.sql from TFS
3.Import Znote_schema.sql
4. Edit config.php in c:\xampp\htdocs\config.php
The default username for mysql is: root
password by default its empty
database: the database name that u made
So the website and database is done


Download from github, extract and edit the config.lua.dist to config.lua
Edit config.lua to your database name, login and username from ur database.
Open the executable

Download from github, extract and u need to have 10.98 tibia spr and dat in data/things

Now u just need to create a account in the website:, create character, edit the default town to 1 in in characters, open the server and open the client.
Your server IP:
TFS 1.4.2 Default version is 10.98