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Delvine - Development Thread




Delvine is the feeling of killing your first dragon, once again, or that's at least what we are aiming for.


As a player, I've been playing several Open-Tibia servers ranging from version 7.1 to 12.6 and real tibia since 2003. Even though I've enjoyed my journey through all the ups and downs, I feel that Tibia was in its prime around 7.4 - 7.6.

As a developer, I've been in the Open-Tibia scene on and off since 2008 creating multiple servers and scripting in general. This started my passion for programming which is currently my full-time job.

Together with my two companions, we've decided embark on the journey of creating a solid, stable and longlasting 7.4 server.
We will add some custom changes that we think will make the experience even better. Some of these custom changes are;


  • Added Port Hope
  • Addons on-top of the 7.4 retro outfits
  • Task inspired by Killing in the Name of (after completing task, get access to kill boss)
  • Mysteriandos (mystery Quests)
  • Added a few spawns from Real Tibia
  • Druids will receive a small buff
  • Monsters don't move when you are not on the same floor as them
  • Loot is 100% accurate to 7.4 standards. Monsters generate loot on spawn and can wear equipment and take less damage. Weapons and shields are always in bag and won't raise the monsters attack/defence.
  • Overspawning
  • Refreshable Tiles
  • Monsters can spam spells under certain circumstances
  • Monsters can train their skills
  • No Pay2Win server, only PREMIUM SCROLL can be purchased
  • Strict anti-cheating policy
  • Runes cannot be bought from NPCs
  • Working on a solution that will make both Europeans and Brazilans able to play with low latency.


Delvine will be a low rate server.. We want the server last longer and has therefor decided to keep the rates rather low than having them to high and let players reach the end game faster.

The following rates will be
  • Experience x2
  • Skills x2
  • Magic Level x1
  • Regeneration x2 (7.4 formula)
  • Loot x1


The server will be hosted in a location that both Europeans and Brazilians are able to play with a low/stable ping. We are planning on launching the server before Christmas but we are still working on some things and won't release something half finished. If you are interested in following the development of the server you can join our Discord server.

Feel free to come discuss and share your thoughts and opinions about the development, we are happy to get as much feedback as possible.

The offical site: Delvine.Net
Discord Server: Delvine Discord
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Looking nice! Looking forward to it!
Will there be any more updates to the map later on? Like more cities?
Looking good. Is there going to be any test server before the actual release?
Looking nice! Looking forward to it!
Will there be any more updates to the map later on? Like more cities?
Most likely yes, also depending on the player count due to avoid crowded areas. Perhaps Liberty Bay.

Looking good. Is there going to be any test server before the actual release?
We plan to release the test server soon, will keep this thread updated and in the discord group.
was interested until i read this :D fuk this feature, ruins so many hunting places because you cant lure out shitty mobs
but good luck with your project
anti cheating makes no sence, You cant beat the bots Every 7.4 server and up has bots, and will, Because not everyone is a life loser to seat on tibia 12h a day unlike some individuals. Bots will be on that server as well, Matter of who you can catch and who you cant.
Sure, it’s an odd feature that does not exist on many servers. But, this existed back then and it will tested of course.

We are 100% against cheaters and will continuously ban every cheater. There will be no second chances.


Small update progress;
Every NPC will have the correct messages and keywords, just like how it was back then in 7.4

This is how it looks when we are working with NPCs with our own tool that we’ve made.
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Thread cleaned. Please behave.
@johnsamir @WAkeAndBake
Thank you for your engagement. First off I would like to clarify a few things.
It seems like both of you have started a conversation based on misunderstandings, not once in this thread did we state that we will/have some kind of anti-bot/anti-cheat detection system. However, we did state that we will punish all the cheaters/botter that we find. We know that it will be impossible to find and punish each one of them, but we'll do our best to keep the experience as cheat-free as possible.

We do understand that some people find these small implementations such as the 'jobs' keywords unnecessary, but there's also a community of people who loves small details and our teams belong to that category. That being said, fixing small keywords of NPCs is not our main focus.

After writing I saw that hodleo actually removed your posts, hopefully, this will clarify some things anyhow.

Good news. We’re successfully advancing.

However, we plan to realease our test server soon and we are looking for some testers who can provide us with feedback and opinions.

Feel free to share your thoughts, and we are almost 200 members on discord, where we are mostly active when it comes to polls or discussion. We need your opinion. All kind of feedback is appriciated.
We plan to release the test server within 2-3 weeks, and the official launch date will occur somewhere in November. @Anteyz
You ban cheaters like tibiantis, takes years for community to grow up and it might never happen. You dont ban them like retro - server last 2weeks.
I this the middle way for this is what marcus done on antica. Ban them but only to save economy. Lots of people need to buy runes to play, lots of people playing only to hunt cheaters. Better make a system that make cheaters easier to locate and kill. Allow to use pot on doorways, show on webside how many hours each char is online etc.