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Programmer Dev position open


Jan 25, 2011
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Who are we?
We're a team that consists of 4 people, We've collabed to create a unique global server, We've had our fair share of cipsoft's game, We reached reached the end game tier after 2 years of grinding and spending alot of cash, not the best experience we had so we decided to combine our knowledge of the game and create a new global server (you're probably saying yet another real map rn), But not everyone got the time nor the cash to reach the end-game like we did. so our motive is to develop a server that puts the long none sense part of cipsoft's game away, and give you the closest experience to real tibia without spending many hours and premium time for long boring quest lines.

Why do we need a dev?
I'm mainly developing everything related to the server side scripts/quests/bosses, we need someone who have enough knowledge with C++ and TFS itself (paid position), you'll be responsible for the engine mainly.

We've already invested alot of time/money into the project, We're few steps away from our first beta.

If you're interested message me on discord (karimm#2447)