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Development team


Aug 30, 2020
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Hello there, OtLand.

I've been working on my project for the past couple months now, and have concluded that it would be very beneficial to create a team that can work closely together to create a stable, long living server packed full of content and enjoyment.

If you feel like you have something to offer, I'd be more than willing to listen. There are many opportunities here, so this is not solely aimed at coders and such.

Please drop me a message if this interests you, we can have a chat :)

What tfs and tibia version? Do you have any general visions for the server in question?
Tfs 1.4

Client version is 7.7

I have alot of visions for my project, willing to talk privately :)
Still looking to build a solid foundation of a team to serve the ot community. Drop me a pm and we can discuss further through here or pm for my discord tag.

whenever you look for teammates, offer yourself first, as well as your capabilities and server goals, this way ppl you'll attract more talented users.
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I have development experience and eager to learn about otservers. Hit me up.
Hello guys.

After slowly putting together a team of some good guys, we are now looking to expand and bring onboard a otclient specialist.

If that suits your skills, please get in touch so we can discuss.

Many thanks
Good afternoon Otland.

We are still searching for a otclient specialist. If this fits you, please don't hesitate to drop me a message!