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Discussion thread for: Drita 8.6, custom, war-rpg

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Jun 5, 2021
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Welcome to Drita. This project is a new take on the common 8.6 server with a few twists to make it more interesting. These days alot of people try to make servers that stray further away from Tibia than it is necessary in my opinion. Its common to see anything from new creatures, spells and clients to custom sprites, characters features, implementations from other games etc. I believe what people really like is original Tibia but in a new aspect. That is what Drita is going to be. Same old boring 8.6 Tibia but with a new approach. To start off I would like to share some information about the server with everyone to see your reactions and thoughts.
Drita will be a low experience, medium skills and magic and a medium loot rate with high regeneration. We dont want hunting to be a burden, we want it to be both easy and hard at the same time. Also we are aware of how boring it is to grind the same creatures over and over again so we will be changing those things up as much as Tibia allows.


8.6 without hotkeys in PvP

Customized PvP system with features like;
Expensive war runes
Pots working as mwalls
Destingrate working from distance
Change in low level spells to make them useful;
exori con/hur/san
exori flam/vis/mort/tera/frigo
exevo flam hur
We want these spells to be used in fights instead of the constant button mashing SD/UE spamming

Low level based server, meaning you will not be running around at high speeds casting spells everywhere and running away to hide and regain mana. i believe these kind of wars have become extremly monotone and boring therefor this is something we wish to avoid.

Slow paced economy, deaths are painful both in terms of gold and experience. But also one death should not mean the end of your character. It just has to hurt to die otherwise there is no point in fearing death.

No broken shop system, this is not going to be a pay2win server. Only available donations will be simple items that will be disabled for purchase at the start of the server.

Custom map with familiar contents. The map is going to be small but enough for 150-200 active players online. We want to encourage simultaneous fights both in the city and at hunting spawns. Nobody likes to see an empty map and never meeting someone while playing, but if a spawn is occupied we all like to have alternatives. Therefor a custom map will reward adventurous players that spend time exploring and finding hidden gems.

Currently we are looking for all kinds of suggestions that do not alter the general direction and idea of the server. Someone suggesting a change to hotkeys including PvP will not be positively met. Meanwhile any new ideas and suggestions about the map, quests, small qol improvements and also pvp changes are welcome.