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Diving down into spriting


Mar 12, 2021
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Hey there, i'm diver down. I do a lot of anime spriting (mostly flat style) and i'm here to show some dragonball related art. this post will be edited with more sprites as I make them.

I'm planning on making all of the buu forms but for right now it's Pure Evil and fat buu
Hey, it's been a while since i've started this thread, been gone for a while. and i'm starting spriting again. I'm still doing a lot of anime stuff and i'm starting with a few resprites of outfits i've seen on various games

Boruto.png in this one the one on the left is mine the right is the original.

1658765911955.pngand these 3 zaraki sprites are resprites as well.

thanks for taking the time to look at my stuff!
Hey it's been another long while since I've posted anything.. but heres the first item sprite I've done, that I was somewhat ok with.
I plan on making some sets to post later

Necklace of Power.gif