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[ENGLAND] [7.4] - Delvine - (17th march, 2023)

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I’ve to say gz, you got war teams from sweden, uk, polish, dutch starting on the server, the trashtalk on discord is insane. Lets see if this server can hold the pressure or if its gonna be another fail ots
Where do we download the client
@DonHagman I created account that allows me to use 3 mc's at the same time, who cares about some random topic on forum.

@Alw How is that even possible that You copy rules from retrocores, change all "retrocores" words to "delvine" and You didn't take a look what is inside those rules?
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It's already CET 20:00 and the server hasn't opened yet. I couldn't find the download link either.
As censoring gms instead of fixing bug prefer to keep deleting msgs on discord with this clip, by Streisand effect I have to post it here:
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L m a o
told yall who msged me was gonna flop within 48 hours, atleast it almost made it 48 minutes lmao.

hopefully tibiantis will release another server anytime soon.

bye delvine good luck with future endeavors xDDD
What on earth happened while I was trying to get some sleep. o,o
I am writing to express my concerns and disappointment regarding the recent server downtime. Like many other players, I have been eagerly anticipating and enjoying the experience on this server. However, the unexpected shutdown, coupled with a lack of clear communication, has left me and other players feeling disheartened.

The vague apology posted on Discord does not provide the information or reassurance that the player community needs at this time. We understand that technical issues can arise, but we would greatly appreciate a more detailed explanation and an estimated timeline for when the server will be up and running again.

The enthusiasm and excitement surrounding this server have been palpable, and as a result, the current level of communication from the staff is quite disappointing. We believe that more proactive and transparent communication would go a long way in maintaining trust and a positive relationship with the player community.

We hope that you take our concerns to heart and provide us with more information about the current situation and any steps being taken to resolve the issue. We are looking forward to enjoying the server again soon and believe that clear communication will help to strengthen the bond between the staff and the players.
Not really sure what is going on or how the situation is either, would love to get some info! :D
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we know everyone the situation, there is a problem:


they already trying to fix:


there is no ETA right now as you can see in the same msg... but they said they will keep us updated, if there is nothing new, what you want they to make?

probably they can communicate better, but I see that everyone is crying everytime a server is down... just try to open your server and we will see if gets to the public some day
Ehh... People dont be naive. On this OTS is a lot of bugs. There was only 180 ppl on start.
Gm just saw that this start is big fail and he just turn off this shit.
Before this server started there was alot of rumours abot corrupted staff etc, the server had already flopped but the OT community still had hope for this server for some reason, alot of teams were going here for this grand opening...
But to our vague astonishment the server went down around 22:00 cet and now not a single update have been made in the last twelve hours. This is beyond laughable.
You have betrayed the community by not giving any information about the current situation. You censored the discord and muted everyone, this was a huge mistake.

Delvine is dead and will not recover from this, Im looking forward to see the OT community come together for another server in the future. There was a post about another 7.4 OT opening in 2 weeks, i will keep my eyes on this one. Hopefully we can see great wars and our beloved OT community come together before this game dies forever.

Take care.
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