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Storywriter Erpegia 8.6 RPG with AntiCheat looks for storywriter


Aug 3, 2008
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Hello everyone!

I would like to announce that Erpegia RPG - Latest News is looking for a story writer!
What exactly do we expect? Designing and writing (not programming) RPG quests.

Who we are?
We are small 2-people team of motivated guys that keep on developing 8.6 RPG server. Erpegia is running since a month and is still growing.

What is our server?
It's low rate and low loot (synced with tibia wikia) 8.6 server with custom client. We have decided to forbid bots completely. To achieve it, we have developed unique Custom Client, which actively and passively protects client from bots.
We are constantly updating the server. Recently we have added 2 self-scripted events (Bomberman and Floor is Lava). Map is updated on daily basis and takes over 60MB!
We have fixed the following things in our engine:
- added 4 voc bonus
- added rl like behaviour of monsters vs fields
- fixed stone skin amulet and might ring protection summing up
- fixed shielding, now it defends 2 monsters hits per 2 seconds
- added cast system
- added custom client unique authorization
- double client support (currently spectating only from original 8.6)
- removed monsters double-hits on pz entering/leaving
.. and many more which I cannot remind of

What we offer?
We are flexible here. What we can offer depends on how good you are and how much valuable content you provide.

So you can see we are constantly and effectively working on this server.

If you are interested, please contact us.