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Fixed --- TFS for tibia 8 on modern linux machine

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Jan 13, 2021
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I just got in touch with someone who used to run my all time favorite open tibia server. He will relaunch it if someone can help him with the issue he ran into which i will write down below.

I'm looking for someone to help compile a server on a modern linux command line compiler (likely GCC)
that inclouds libraries set up (boost, lua, etc.)It used to be an Evolution server that was barely upgraded to 8.0 (still lots of 7.9 files and code)
it's the compiler chain that is the problem as I have only ever used the C++ compiler chain for OT.
I have an Ubuntu box running on DigitalOcean to do all the testing and debugging with.

I'm willing to pay(if that is legal on otland, if not please ignore this) if someone here points me in the right direction or has the know how to resolve this issue.

thanks a lot! :]
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