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[FRANCE] [8.0/Custom] [CUSTOM]--MaskaOTS--[RPG/PVP] [22.09.2023]

Server Website/AAC
Server Address
Server Port
Client Protocol
MaskaOTS starts 22.09.2023 6 pm CEST

The first Tibia server that you can endIf you like adventure, plunder and you are not afraid of traps - this server is for you ! Inspired by famous Blizzard games such as Diablo and Warcraft. In this game you go through the stages of the game, which you can save with your position on the map, You can find a lot of items in chests, bodies etc. get shrines of life, exp, skills etc. Its very nice to play with team or solo in a calm atmosphere. In the future, experienced players will be able to take part in the speedrun tournament of this game where good prizes can be won.

Server Info
Location: FRANCE
World type: RPG PVP
PvP Exp: yes
Exp: stages
Skills: x2
Magic: x2
Regen: x3
Loot: custom

No need pacc, sms-shop only with outfits, not pay-to-win items, no frag remover, no AOL, no bless

Client 8.0mix

-runes and spells atack all stack
-no PZ after magic wall
-dead body of monsters imedietaly can be pushable
-no bodycorpse owner
-pots, chests, barrel, tables etc. unwalkable
-pz after login or exit for example temple-2s
-skull after enter magic field-to 2s
-monsters can go throug magic fields even if you dont atack them
-incantation, dmg, mana cost from tibia 8.6
-you can pass through each other in pz

-hard modified map , delightful terrain and quest, one way to complete the game
-checkpoints on map-shrines on map (life, mana, skills, magic level, exp, haste)
-lots of in-game rewards
-lot of traps/action gameplay
-quests with history
-enchanted weapons for knights
-orc raids supported by minibosses controled by GM

What's new & fixed
-new user interface
-added new stage "dream"
-added floors under Thais
-more mysteriando on map
-changed some resps on map
-added new monsters/sprites
-added more traps/actions in game
-added new quests
-added quest log
-graphical map with certain places

Orc raids on Thais
The raid will take place every day when the most players are online. Orc waves adapted to the level of players. Supported by minibosses controled by GM. Ability to defend with ballistae. Orcs use catapults for sieges.
-The first orc raid will be 2 hours after the start at 8 p.m.


Join the MaskaOTS Discord Server! (https://discord.gg/aatWfXQYBf)
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