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  1. Mjmackan

    [Sweden] [Custom/10.98] - PundarOTn - [Custom] STARTED 16/01 12:00 CET

    Welcome! Scroll down for the many details.. How to join? Website: Latest News - GameFate (http://pundarOTn.eu) : REGISTER NOW! IP: GameFate.eu Client: Custom or OTCv8 Basic stuff Mid range level: 250-300 Magic: 3, Skill: 6, Loot: 3 PVPE Fast attack speed Only one vocation(mage). Tier system...
  2. damian00912

    [Poland] [11.80] GiveriaOT - Custom Map | Evo TP, War | Starts 17th January 17:00 CET

    Welcome to the Giveria OT server, which is developed and tested by a professional team, with frequent updates, i.e. new monsters, new spells, new systems, new events, new bosses! The best and most complete High Rate EU server at today's stage, and we will always enjoy the best updates and...
  3. S

    Opinions about custom server

    I am an old Tibia player, I have played Tibia since 2007 as a normal player and finally I started few months ago studying Lua and C++ to be able to create my own custom server so I am here to ask few questions about what players and well-known developers think about Which client is best to...
  4. Kuantikum


    I'm trying to login with OTCLIENT V8 on a modified server, however I get the following message: "Your client is outdated, please visit http://www.psoul.net and download the latest client." And with that I can’t log in with another client, except with the server's own client. I found the...
  5. G

    [Poland][Custom] Dbvictory - start: 26.12.2020r

    DBVictory Server - Best Dragon Ball Server START: 26.12.2020r (PL 14:00 | BR: 09:00 AM) AccMaker: Home - DBVictory: WORLD [S1] (http://DBV.DBVictory.eu) Portal: News - DBVictory :: Official Portal (http://DBVictory.eu) (Info / Spells / Maps / Items List / Guides) Forum: :: Forum.DBVictory.eu...
  6. P

    TFS 0.X [7.72] Understanding extraatk attribute

    Good morning guys, I created a customized item, but it is showing "atk +0 +5", shouldn't it just show "atk +5"? Is there a way to fix this? <item id="5112" article="a" name="Firewing Bow"> <attribute key="extraatk" value="+5"/> <attribute key="weight" value="3100"/>...
  7. P

    TFS 0.X [7.6] Sparkly item

    Hello guys, I am creating some new items for my server and I have a question: how do I make these items "shiny" when they are in use (just like the ring of healing, etc.). I want them to look like the image below (items turn like life ring):
  8. Mjmackan

    [France] [Custom/10.98] - GameFate - [Custom/evo map] [anti-afk/cavebot] STARTING 18/12 16:00 CET

    Welcome! Scroll down for the many details.. How to join? Website: GameFate : REGISTER NOW! IP: GameFate.eu Client: Custom or OTCv8 Basic stuff Mid range level: 350-400 Magic: 6, Skill: 9, Loot: 3 PVPE Fast attack speed Free donate points for the first 50 unique accounts (there's still a lot of...
  9. P

    (0.4) Use 8.6 version items

    Hello, I have a server at version 7.72 and I would like to add version 8.60 items to it. Is there an easier way to do this without having to edit DAT or SPR?
  10. GOD Coke

    [Poland] [8.6] - Evolera High exp

    Evolera.Org Started This ThrusDay 26NOV 20:00 CEST Port: 7171 --- Client: 8.6 --- Exp:999 RPG PVPE New Update With New Map & System New Features: New Event Map : Ctf -- FireStorm -- Survival -- Zombie -- Crown -- Chair -- Defend King And More 30 Monster tasks, for all of the monsters you...
  11. Kadres

    [POLAND][Custom / 8.54] Dragon Ball Soul Fighter

    Dragon Ball Soul Fighter Presentation IP: DBSF.PL Port: 7171 Client: Tibia 8.54/own client Uptime: 24/7 Hosted in: Poland Website: Dragon Ball Soul Fighter (https://dbsf.pl/) Map: Custom dragon ball world ~ Informations ~ Dragon Ball Soul Fighters is created since 2017 it's a server from...
  12. Kuzyn

    [Showoff] Ranger's Arcani

    Hello! We've decided to open a thread in which we will showcase some parts of our map. I will try to add some description for every image so you will get general idea about presented place. Maybe some of these will inspire you to create something new? Little notice, since it's custom server with...
  13. Dura Aris

    [USA] [7.4] Dura - A Harder Tibia | Massively Customized | New Meta | Long Term | Regular Updates | Never Reset | For Skilled Players

    Dura, whose original vision started as Making a Game that was Hard again so it would be fun again, has spent the last year -- after reaching that goal -- creating fundamentally new Systems. Not just content, but structural Systems of Design that will lay the foundation for Great Gameplay that is...
  14. Awesomedudei

    [France][Custom 10.98] Revolution OT Starts 23rd October 19CEST • 12 Dungeons • NO P2W! • Custom Vocs & Spells

    Hello everyone! Some of you might not know me but i usually go by Nowii/Bubbakushy ingame. I've been playing Tibia since 7.1 and hosted many servers in the past like a few RL maps, Cantera, roxxor, Yurots etc etc. But haven't been so active in the server making department for many years. I...
  15. R

    [Poland][Custom - 10.98] Ennis - 3 October at 18:00 CET

    Introduction Ennis is a new, original server based on versions from 8.1 to 10.98, which wants to combine the simplicity of newer solutions with the difficulty of the game known from older versions, so that players can enjoy the pleasure and at the same time derive satisfaction from the game...
  16. EarthMother

    First Cusom Outfit, (frankenspriting) + Handgun=Berreta. "Give it a rating from 1-10.

    Hello! I have created and implemented my own sprites and outfit today. Please give it a rating from 1-10 (The outfit is also animated N,E,S,W) "ANY QUESTIONS? feel free to contact me." Edit: I have too add, the outfit is an frankensprite and if you haven't heard that term I'll explain it to...
  17. Loney

    [Canada] [8.60] Loney Custom | Mid-Low Exp | Start 28/08/2020

    Loney is a brand new Open Tibia server based in 8.60 client version. We been working on this 100% custom map for a few years and finally we are ready open our doors. Connection Info IP and Account Maker: www.loney-online.com Port: 7171 Client version: Tibia 8.60 Server located in Canada Map...
  18. F

    [USA, OR] [8.60] Zalandaria 8.60 Custom Project - Coming 08-31-2020

    Website: Zalandaria (https://Zalandaria.8b.io) Account Manager: 1/1 U.S.A / EU Players: Zalandaria.hopto.me Brasil Players: Zalandaria.Brasilia.me Version: 8.60 || PVP/E RPG Welcome to Zalandaria 8.60, a low-rate, fully custom project built from the ground up. A level up should be rewarding, so...
  19. M

    7.72 RPG project by [Zagan Square] - Discussion Thread.

    Zagan Square is a server that has been around for 13 years. It has a unique map with RPG climates. Until now, the server was running on a very outdated game engine, and had many errors that could not be corrected. Here comes the best time for the server, i.e. its rebirth. The server has been...
  20. nugo

    Purple Outline around a cropped sprite in object builder

    Trying to add some custom sprites and never had an issue doing it except for this sprite sheet. When i crop the image it puts purple lines around the object in the field to the right. They show up like it in game aswell doest appear to happen when i test it in the animation editor Any...