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  1. A

    [France][Custom / 7.6] Ramonia RPG | PvP Enforced | 15 AUGUST 15:00 CEST

    Brief Description: Ramonia is a long-term project with ambition to become unique amongst old-school servers. Our journey starts with enormously changed content with real part of tibia and a custom map. With all this together, newcomers will embarks on a long journey to face the most dreadful...
  2. Shadow_

    [UK][Custom] AsgardOT 3.0 High-EXP

    you can watch from 3:10 IP: asgard-ot.com Client: Custom Client/Android Client Uptime: 24/7 Hosted in: UK, on a dedicated server with 2 GB Internet connection per second, 16 GB Static Memory & 8 Cores paid annually, the server contains protection systems against ddos attacks, the server is...
  3. xbaconghostx

    [Canada] [9.1] RookTales + [Custom-Rookgaard] [Great Ping for EU!] [NEW CONTINENTS AND REBALANCED VOC]

    RookTales+ IP: RookTales.com Port:7171 Client:9.1 No Botting/Macro Hello! In game you can find me as Griz! I am very active in my community. It is small but, growing and i would love for you to come be a part of my first OT ever. This is my childhood dream and i finally have the time and...
  4. Phact Aaran

    Phact's Showoff

    Hi, I'm Phact Aaran, I've been a tibia player since 2006 and a hobby mapper. Without further ado, here is my first post. :) The entrance to the city The ship The shop lane In north of the shop lane, temple and magician shop
  5. xbaconghostx

    Griz Rook Jungle showoff!

    Made a jungle on the outskirts of rook! did my best to make it look legit. what do you think? 1592453563 Rooktales needed some jungle isles :3
  6. ralke

    [Chile][8.60] Greed OT

    Hello OtLand, today I want to publish my server. •·.·´¯¨·.·• Greed OTServer •·.·´¯·.·• Greed OT is a dedicated server of Open Tibia, it is open 24 hours all day, our rates are magic (x3), skills (x6), loot (x2). You can join the server by creating an account at Latest News - Greed...
  7. xbaconghostx

    [Canada] [9.1] [Custom-Rookgaard] RookTales RPG [10 years+ creating/balancing]

    RookTales RPG IP: rooktales.ddns.net Port:7171 Client:9.1 RookTales is a custom Rookgaard experience. It is geared towards players of old tibia, Rookstayers and players on a budget. My server is 100% free, all content is obtainable in game. no pay to win. In Rooktales you will experience...
  8. s1mple

    [France][8.0] DevlandOT | UNIQUE KARMIA | RPG&FUN | NO SMS SHOP

    Launch date: 12.06, Friday AT 18:00 CET DevlandOT informations: DevlandOT is a non-profit project, 100% free to play which is a mid-rate RPG server created in cooperation with players for the Tibia Client 8.0. This is a server for RPG players, but also for PVP players who seek for a PK fun...
  9. N

    [USA][CUSTOM 8.6] Vhalkov | START 29-05-20

    IP: Client: 8.6 (Custom client) Host: Texas Uptime: 24/7 Exp Rate: x15 STAGE Magic Rate: x5 Skills Rate: x8 Loot: x1 Server Start: 29/05/20! 08:00 PM Website: Latest News - Vhalkov (http://www.vhalkov.com.br)
  10. A

    [Germany][Custom / 7.6] Ramonia RPG | 9 MAY 16:00 CEST

    Brief Description: Ramonia is custom-made project with its ups and downs but always with head held high. Our goal is to create server where world is adopted to newest reality while respecting old-school mechanism and RPG style itself. Our journey starts again with enormously changed content with...
  11. Hafexo

    [France][Custom client / 11.98] Erpegia: Rise Again! | Most developed Custom RPG Retro PVP | Fully working Tibia11 | 24 APRIL 20:00 (CET)

    Erpegia.net - currently the most advanced custom RPG server with fully working Tibia 11 client is starting April 24 at 20:00 (CET)! In this season of Erpegia.net we decided to highly focus on rebalancing all-around gameplay, from low to high levels and also introducing fresh new content! We...
  12. M

    Lua Item adding % damage offensive attack and runes,spells

    Hey i need help with adding custom items like blue robe (Adds 2% to damage from offensive attacks and 2% of all the power of magic runes and healing spells. ) Someone can help me ? whats attributes i need add? OTHIRE distro (tfs 0.3.6)
  13. doom34

    [Mexico] [CUSTOM] Imperial Age Online - OTC

    Imperial Age Online brings some mechanics from classic mmorpg games like Mu Online or World of Warcraft. Ip = imperialageonline.servegame.com Port = 7171 Web = Imperial Age Online (http://imperialageonline.servegame.com) Exp rate = x15 Server Features: At level (20) select your PvP mode --...
  14. R

    [NL] [10.98] Dolport Challenges

    Dolport Challenges Dolport Challenges is a small server where the whole map is custom made. The standard 10.98 client is usable, but the best performance will be with Dolport's own client. Dolport Challenges is meant to be, for people seeking new places that are yet to be explored. The...
  15. P

    [EUROPE] [10.98] Vesiana | START 14.02.2020 | EVO/RPG

    We invite you to the first edition of the server OTS Vesiana.eu! Information: IP: Vesiana.eu Port: 7171 Uptime: 24/7 Site: Vesiana.eu Version: 10.98 Exp: x500 Magic: x12 Skill: x50 Loot: x3 Spawn: x1 Runes: Normal charges and prices Server type: Pvp More Features: -We have original Vesiana map...
  16. Sir Knighter

    [USA] [Custom] ArchlightOnline - Avuria (New No-Bot World)! Official Release on March 6th, Friday 7:00 AM PT/16:00 CET!

    Avuria - The new No-Bot World! Website: ArchLight Online Client: Custom Client When: Officially releasing on Friday, March 6th at 7:00 AM PT/16:00 CET More information about the server can be found here: ArchlightOnline - Choose your server (https://archlightonline.com/) Discord Server...
  17. FearWar

    [BRAZIL] [CUSTOM / 8.6] FearWar | Custom | START NOW

    Server Started: [03.01, Friday 19:00 CET] Host Info: Uptime: 24/7 Location: Brazil Website: www.fearwar.net Login Information: IP: fearwar.net Port: 7171 Client FearWar: 8.6 - Download Here Create Account: Create Here Server Information: • Map: Alissow + (Custom) • Experience Rate: 25x Click...
  18. Knox00

    [Sweden] [8.60] Kingstonsot | START SATURDAY 18:00 | FUN EVO PVP

    We would like to give you a warm welcome to KingstonsOT //Start 1/2-2020// 18:00 CET ¤ (Server Info)¤ IP: kingstonsots.com¤ Version: 8.6 ¤ Port: 7171 ¤ Skill Rate: 25x ¤ Magic Rate: 20x ¤ Loot Rate: 3x ¤ Pvp-e/pvp ¤ Custom Spells ¤ Custom Monsters/Bosses ¤ Custom-Evo ¤ Exp Stages ¤ 70+ Quets...
  19. Ascuas Funkeln

    [GERMANY][CUSTOM/10.98] RAKKEDO - Grind Gods (Beta Tests)

    I will post information about patches here, everything will be hidden in spoilers, you can expand and read what interests you.
  20. ROTS

    [Canada] [Custom] Return of the Saiyans 06.01.2020 at 18:00 CET!

    Return of the Saiyans is fully author project where players are taken to the Dragon Ball world using The Forgotten Server engine. After joining our world, you can choose from seven playable character classes. Thanks to our advanced item bonus system you can change your playing style...