1. A

    [France] [7.6] Ramonia - Semi-Low Rated|Custom with Real Parts| - [01.03, Friday 18:00 CET]

    IP: Client: Custom / 7.6 Uptime: 24/7 Hosted in: France Introduction and gameplay: Ramonia is a custom-made server to bring some new fresh gear to the community of old-school projects out there. Since the beginning we wanted to create inimitable feelings which balances between the...
  2. kennzey

    [USA] [8.6] LegendsWorld 100% CUSTOM RPG!! NEW SEASON START 02/15!!

    Ip: Client: Tibia 8.6/own client Uptime: 24/7 Hosted in: USA, on a dedicated server with 100 mbs Internet connection. Website: Exp rate: Custom Stage Map: A whole custom world 100% by our staff Runes: New runes nothing is infinity Loot rate: Custom Rates Server type...
  3. delita123

    Olimpia || New Project || 10.98 Mythology Server [Discussion]

    Hello friends of Otland. I would like to introduce you to my project called Olimpia. It is in the finalization phase of development and if everything goes as planned, it is expected to be released in February 2019. Olimpia is an alternative tibia server based entirely on mythology, nordic...
  4. piraten

    7.4/7.6 RealMap (not ready to run) (need edits before run) Happy New 2019

    Hello everyone and happy 2019 to everyone Today i want to share some files i bought from a guy some years ago remember this files are not 100% done and not ready to run you should take a look before planing to advertise the server. why do i share those files? i don't see the point of taking...
  5. Asheex

    [GERMAN] [8.60] Sarah OTS Evo Start 03.01.2019 on 18:00 CEST

    Signup for the SarahOTS server! 8.60 Evo Custom OTS High EXP Website: Latestnews - The server start is scheduled for January 03. You'll be able to login and create your account and characters, but you'll not be able to login untill the server launch. Game Features: Many...
  6. RealisticG

    [USA][7.4/7.72] Realistic RealOTS FREE [Thursday, 12/13/2018]

    Hello for all community of OTLand! Today we wanna talk about our new project, called Realistic, and we wanna get your contribuition to know what do you wanna play and how do you wanna play. Our only goal is make the best Open Tibia Server for community of oldschool (also newschool) players...
  7. Angel Of Death™

    [FRANCE][CUSTOM]DarkTibiaFun - fast attack

    Ip: Website: Latest News - TibiaFun *~ Client: OTClient Uptime: 24/7 so far unless theres an update serverinfo: Server info - WorldOfTibia Exp rate:10x Skill Rate:10x Magic Rate:10x Features: -Fast Attack -AutoLoot -Market -Stamina -Offline Training -Mount and Addons -Party...
  8. Simonp1512

    [Spain] CUSTOM DBHispano Welcome to DBHispano a new dragon ball server based ---Rates--- EXP stages EXP on death players x10 Skills stages Magic stages Loot x2 client: custom/own web download Explore the map for quest, and unlock special...
  9. freaked1

    [Sweden] [10.00] Gragon Custom PVP-RPG [Dungeons][PREY][Autoloot]

    GragonOT is live! Connection Ip: Port: 7171 Client: Tibia 10.00 Website: Gragon OT Hosted in Sweden, 100/100mb connection. Features Custom map, originated from EVO (~67 MB) Many quests, ranging from easy to long and hard quests, hidden treasures around the map. Tasks, some that...
  10. kennzey

    [USA] Chronicles of Legends CUSTOM!! 100% NEW MAP!! 8 NEW CLASS!! FOCUSED ON RPG!!

    ~*Ip*~: ~*Client*~: Tibia 8.6/own client ~*Uptime*~: 24/7 ~*Hosted in*~: USA, on a dedicated server with 100 mbs Internet connection. ~*Website*~: hppt:// ~*Exp rate*~: Custom Stage ~*Map*~: A whole custom world 100% by our staff ~*Runes*~: New runes...
  11. gicu0770

    Comment on my server! What change? What you like? do you play?

    Hello! WARNING! NOT GOOD ENGLISH! So this is my server video, i show you little scripts, map etc. I need your opinion! What do you like? What would you change? Would you like to play on it ?! Thanks You for spending little time with me! :D
  12. struzck

    [ITALY][10.98] HESPERIA WAR OPEN ALPHA (RL-based war custon server)

    Hello everyone, I am releasing tomorrow (October 21th) at 12:00 CEST the open Alpha version of my first OTS project, Hesperia War (website: Hesperia is a war server based on old WarOts with Tibia RL locations adapted to war environment. The server is still under...
  13. tjafs

    [Switzerland][7.72] Oldera War Edition HighRate REALMAP -START 2018-09-28 18.00 CEST

    Website: Port: 7171 Client: Register: Createaccount Shop:Donation Server Status: Online ---------- [Rates] Level 1 to 30 25.0x Level 31 to 40 20.0x Level 41 to 50 15.0x Level 51 to 60 13.0x Level 61 to 70 10.0x Level 71 to 80 7.0x Level 81 to 90 5.0x Level 91 to 100 4.0x...
  14. Gitzmo

    [GERMANY] [8.60][CUSTOM] EVERLASTOT -*-LAUNCH 9/23/18-*-

    V-*-FEATURES-*-V Custom Quests including quests for rebirth spells. VIP areas (VIP is basically access to additional spawns and few spawns for high rebirths to hunt at) OFFLINE Messaging system, example if you say "/msg Gitzmo, Hey how are you. the person you send it to will get it amongst...
  15. Gitzmo

    Lua Need Lever spawn (spawns monster depending on player level)

    Hello I currently use a lever spawn on a project of mine but it only spawns 1 type of monster to where ever you tell them to spawn upon pulling the lever. I need one that will spawn different types of monsters depending on the players level and will spawn them at random within a certain area...
  16. A

    [France] Ramonia 7.6 - Highrate| Hardcore PvP| New Content - This Friday, 18:00 CET

    IP: Client: Custom / 7.6 Uptime: 24/7 Hosted in: France Website: Ramonia - Open Server Create Account: Register account Download Client: RamoniaClient Gameplay: Ramonia is about joyfulness of PvP and killing the most dangerous creatures ever existed on tibians world. Fast paced...
  17. elnelson

    C++ [OTC] RSA Key.

    Hello, otlanders. I have a wonder, how can i set RSA key so players must use my custom client to log in? in using retail OTC and tfs 0.4
  18. C

    Team Looking for team to create 7.6 low exp, rpg, long range custom ots

    I'm 23 y.o. got lot of free time, have no experience, but I learn fast got tons of ideas, im generally open minded and comunicative If anyone have idea to create ots, we can chat and maybe do something together :) I speak polish and english By "custom" I dont mean custom voc's, upgradable...
  19. Ashtar

    [USA] [Custom] [OTC] Shadow Realm Online - Relaunch 8/Jan/2019 10 PST

    August 12/08/2018 12PM PT (9PM CET) Finally, after around 4 years of development I'm glad to announce that the project Shadow Realm will finally see the light of day. Shadow Realm is a custom EVO - RPG (hybrid) using OTC and around 1000 custom epic sprites with the goal of providing an awesome...
  20. Caduceus

    C++ Custom Fluid Type

    I am trying to make a new fluid type of coffee. I have everything fairly working, except when I use <attribute key="fluidsource" value="coffee" /> the item fills with an unknown source. How can I define this fluid in src? items.xml <item id="30020" name="coffee" /> items.cpp below mead: }...