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[France] [8.6] AcidsOT

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Feb 14, 2008
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Remember AcidsOT?
Its a really old server, popular a good 13-15 years ago.

Hehh, what happens when you mix open source development with marketing?
This advertisement thread. 😁

It started as a development project to test out @Nekiro TFS downgrades (8.6 protocol branch).
I was also testing how easy it was to migrate from an old obsolete engine, to the freshest server out there.
I had an old copy of a previously failed attempt at resurrecting AcidsOT stored in my archives, using TFS 0.3.6 engine.

Since I'm on bleeding edge source code here, source bugs identified and fixed will be propagated to github, contributing to the upstream otland/forgottenserver project, and the downstream nekiro/TFS-1.4-Downgrades project. (my contributions thus far)

The source code for my binary is here: znote/TFS-1.4-Downgrades/tree/acidsot

In a similar fashion, we also support mehah/otclient, which is fully open source, performs and looks very nice. :) (my contributions thus far)
Worth mentioning though, you can connect using cip client 8.6, and subsequently any otclient able to utilize standard 8.6 protocol.
But by using @Mehah's client, you are likely to get frequent enhancements and bugfixes. So far all my reported issues has been resolved.

Obviously, this project also benefits Znote AAC project, version 1.6 got tagged for release, and a fresh new branch created for Znote AAC 2.0, exclusive for TFS 1.4+ where new exiting features will appear (at least first).

...But what about AcidsOT itself?
Honestly, I barely remember myself! chucles

It has a custom map, I would classify this as a retro custom OT server, the way I liked custom OT servers back in the day.
To get you started, you can familiarize yourself with the main town and NPC locations here: Map Information.
If your a mapper, you might want to cleanse your eyes with some cute cat photos afterwards. Its an old map in its true fashion. I love it, but I'm blind by nostalgia. :)

AcidsOT protocol is upgraded to 8.6 (even though the engine is downgraded to it).

Spells, monsters and client is pretty much the standard with some small variations. (large one to items, more info further below).
New unique soul spells are planned for the future, but not yet.

Exprate is medium/20x-4x, but with "exp plateau" stages. At certain level milestones, exp rate is boosted to 30x to make it easier to maintain those levels during PvP.
for more information visit Server Information.
During private beta, out of 8 testers, one player achieved level 200+ after a week, the rest mingled around level 100-150.
We hope to make the server a thriving scene for PvP and guild wars, but haven't been able to test and balance it out yet.

We hope the grind provides more satisfaction, interest and challenge than ordinary servers out there.
To that effect, we have implemented @Leo32's rarity item system. When a monster drops items, there is a chance to roll a rare, epic or legendary version of it, containing special attributes.
It has been further extended, to support item tomes:
That allows you to use a crafting station to upgrade an item to rare, epic or legendary tier depending on which type of tome and station you use.

I have also built a Bestiary Compendium, which allows you to look up any monsters in-game, and see their loot and calculated drop chance. You can also lookup monster loot using the AutoLoot system command !autoloot list monsterName

To make looting easier, I guess we are getting lazy in that regard. I have created my own AutoLoot System.
I couldn't find any good autoloot code for the 8.6 protocol out there, so I built it myself.

This comprehensive AutoLoot System allows you to create, manage and share autoloot lists with the community. It allows you to own multiple lists, use lists created by others, configure your own lists and easily switch between lists. You could for instance create, configure and switch different lists based on what you wish to hunt.
This system also has an AutoLoot channel, where you can get loot messages, and type loot commands without using talkactions.
Read more about it on the website. Once it mature I also intend to release it here on otland.


We hope to not only give you a nostalgia trip, but also a fun and enjoyable experience reliving this crapTastic server! :D

This server is hosted by @Don Daniello's hosting service Spigu. This service is known for good hosting performance with DDoS protection. The server is designated for the European players, and should provide low latency in this area. You can read more information about this hosting service here.

Chain Lightning :cool:

Piercing spears, bolts :cool:

Throwing stars :cool:

Empowered summons with monster AI, casting exori mort, healing themselves and master.
As well as master casting a healing ice-chain that heals summons, party members and deals ice damage to adjacent monsters :cool: :cool: :cool:

Address: acidsot.com
Port: 7171
Protocol: 8.6
Launch date: 6th August 2021, 18:00 CEST. (About 3 days after this thread was created).
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Friday 8th august? We are on 3rd august and its wednesday, friday is 5th august, wheres the problem?
day 5 or 8?
A server with by @Znote involved . I didn't see that coming anytime soon :O

Good luck with your project mate! ;)
Unfortunately, I won't have the time to try it out the next weeks. Maybe I'll drop by in september, though.
my char name is Messo
look good, good luck
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Haha, no way acidsOT!!!! havnt played that since years xD, gonna be fun to see! hope you guys still have the manarune quest south in the pyramid!
Good luck, remember playing there but propably forgot most of things so let's explore again
I can't create a guild without being premium? Is premium account obtainable in-game? What happens to my guild when premium time has finished?
If this server isn't made for open source development and nostalgia's sake then as an old 8.6 player it doesn't attract me, Even after adding auto loot system/rarity item system its still very far to compete with how 8.6 servers are nowadays.

However good luck.
I can't create a guild without being premium? Is premium account obtainable in-game? What happens to my guild when premium time has finished?
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If this server isn't made for open source development and nostalgia's sake then as an old 8.6 player it doesn't attract me, Even after adding auto loot system/rarity item system its still very far to compete with how 8.6 servers are nowadays.

However good luck.

Greetings @M0ustafa!

Everybody starts with 3 days of premium (which will be refreshed for all below it on launch hour).
Guilds don't expire when a premium account expires. (as far as I know, going to double check this today)
If you recruit your friends using referral system, for every character they reach level 100+ you gain 5 points. Which is obtainable within a day or two.

So if you bring 2 friends with you who eventually gets 5 characters lvl 100+, you got yourself 25 points for free. Including your own characters, you should be able to acquire the most profitable premium membership easily on your own without spending money, before your initial premium account expires. (I presume you want to bring friends since you wish to form a guild).

The shop is to fund my hosting/advertising expense, I currently don't think its attractive enough to actually help me profit on this, especially since I don't want shoppers to get too much of an pay2win advantage. Here is my current list of expenses:
2 days of otservlist countdown advertisement: 180 EUR
3 otservlist banner spots: 18 EUR (300 clicks)
2 months spigu server hosting: 87 EUR
Which totals to 285 EUR, and I intend to invest further into the project.

This server is made for OS development and nostalgia's sake, click on: Spoiler: Development Information and Contributions button in my main post on how this project contributes to open source development, as well as my current contributions. This server improves the Znote AAC project, TFS 1.3, Nekiro's TFS downgrades and mehah's OTClient.

I must admit, I am breaking the trend on how 8.6 servers are nowdays. I do not wish to compete against cip servers or evo servers. Those are great servers in their own rights, but I believe AcidsOT brings something new (old) to the table. :)
And admittedly, yes. This is a 2-3 months old project, not a year long passion project (not yet at least). But it is quite fun, I challenge you to give it a try. My biggest insecurity with the project is longevity, I fear I don't have enough content to keep players for a long time. But the launch and the first week should have plenty of things to do and content to enjoy.
This is also a resurrection of an old project, so there are things to explore that isn't revealed in this thread quite yet. 😉

I didn't plan to launch this project publicly, initially being a dev project to test and aid open source projects. But because of good feedback and help from beta testers, nostalgia, enjoyment during testing I got convinced that this has some potential. So I wish to open the doors for everyone to enjoy this experience.

But maybe I'm wrong and nobody likes this, and the project fails. At least I got to test lots of interesting software, and contribute valuable code to the community. My efforts would at least help the general development community further. ❤️
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Launch was an interesting experience. :P

We did get an initial wave of players eager to give us a chance. Over the first hour roughly 40 accounts logged in.
Unfortunately pretty much all the new players quit the server pretty quickly.
Unfortunately the launch was a massive failure on my end.
There were obvious flaws I was ignorant and blind to, which surfaced and became obvious when I observed new players who have never tried this server before.

There are a few things I have learned from this experience:

Disoriented players is bad:
- Alot of players logged in, walked randomly about, didn't know where to go and quit.
-- For instance: They walked straight to TP island, which works as a travel mechanism to move between towns.
Server basically became a walking simulator for these players, who are confused and have no idea where they are, how to get back, how to find an appropriate place to hunt.

- Lots of players died after encountering their first monster, and never logged in again.
Often by strong creatures. For instance, if you go north gate at low level, you will pretty much immediately encounter behemoths, followed by Demons. Outside west gate is populated by the Notorious Carniphilia monster, which paralyzes and slaughters low levels. South gate leads straight to a necromancer tomb, if you go further to a wyrm mountain.
The only semi-safe option is east gate, populated with orcs. Less than 15% chose this place, which would be the most appropriate place to be. Even this place is challenging for new players if they are alone.

AcidsOT is challenging at the start because of the above reasons, I considered this one of the charms of this old OT server, I wanted to keep the authentic AcidsOT feeling.
But I see now its mostly for nostalgic reasons, new players get very dissapointed by being killed right off the bat. The server is too hardcore for the new primary OT audience.

What I need to do moving forward:
Rehaul the new player experience, more handholding and spoonfeeding:

I don't like teleports everywhere, so I have tried to keep the amount of teleports in the game to a minimum.
However, new players like to get straight into action. They don't join a new server to play walking simulator, exploring maps and then figure out where to hunt.
So my compromise is to add some low-level monster teleports in temple.


New content update:
  • Teleport to West gate Troll cave (much safer than trying to walk there, as it reduces risk of being killed by lured highlvl monsters)
  • Teleport to East gate Orc (Avoid walking simulator, takes a while to walk here in lvl 15)
  • Teleport to South gate Ghoul spawn (this spawn is newly mapped and didnt exist before)
  • Teleport to East Cyclops spawn (less walking, reduce chance to meet lured Giant Spider).

I don't wish to fill the temple with lots of teleports, but these low level teleports which is right around the main town should help new players get straight into action, reduce "low level walking simulator", and get familiar with the main town and the content that directly surrounds it.

Welcome message:
When a new player logs in (from a new account), a welcome message is broadcasted to every player in-game.
This is mostly to give the players who are online, a chance to greet and help new players. We do have a few core players who love the server, and would help new players. But often new players login, dont know what to do, and quit before we even notice they tried.
Hopefully a new player broadcast will help us, help you.

Planned for future:
More help mechanism for low level players, website needs more details about map, perhaps some player guides and tutorials.
Restrict teleport travel between towns to level 30. New players just get confused with lots of towns to learn, and gets bored with lots of walking. So I need to try to sandbox new players to the main town until they reach level 30. Let them get familiar with the main town before encouraging them to adventure out further. (it will still be possible for them to travel and explore by walking through spawns, but then they will have to deal with progressively more challenging monsters).

Please register an account, play some and give me your feedback. :) I realize I have been focusing alot on high level content, but that doesn't matter if nobody gets past the start. So I'm eager to learn about the new player experience.
Latest changelog:
10 August 2021 (17:24) Restrict Teleport to travel island to level 30+ to avoid confusing new players.
10 August 2021 (18:10) Dufi now sells Life rings for 900gp. Esrik and Alesar buys more low level loot items.
Server save:
11 August 2021 (10:00) Changed troll cave entrance to a safer location.
11 August 2021 (10:00) Added or modified signs for low level spawns, giving warnings for some creatures and quest tips.
11 August 2021 (10:00) Made beginner spawns a little easier by placing various parcels around points of interest
12 August 2021
  • Self paralyze removed from Paladin Sharpshooter spell.
  • Special spell created for Druids: Cheat Death.
    • Costs 50 soul points and 500 mana
    • will protect a player from death once and instead give a 33% heal.
    • Protection lasts up to 5 minutes.
13 August 2021
  • Added great fire wave spell to sorcerers.
Next time dont waste money on otserverlist as with 200 euro u could easily hit 100+ players for testing by picking random streamer from twitch with decent viewer count thats how people do it nowadays only newbies still fall for otserverlist bait u had 22 players in peak and most of them probably from otland wanted to check global mod and legendary znote server

btw dying by lured mobs or getting owned by strong mobs right at city gate isnt big issue on day 1 as u can just create new character in case u lose gear/bp i'd say its funny to see people dying and looking for something to hunt for their level getting killed by lured gs xD its even better if u hire streamer for launch and he gets owned by such mobs (talking from my own experience as a streamer)
Chain Lightning :cool:

@Adposatnr Hehe yep, my wallet still hurts. Yeah, I will work on a streamer program system, and try to get a few streamers to play soon.
I'm struggling a bit finding an appropriate way to reach twitch streamers for hired advertising. But I think it will be worth pursuing further.
And yeah, so far otland don't bring much traffic, but it brings more loyal and arguably more skilled/active players.

I have also added new banners on otservlist, which seems to work better.
Instead of just "Are you ready", I'm adding a challenge, and insinuating to players that this is actually a hard server, where they can expect to die.


So far these banners yield less traffic, but better quality clicks, with people actually registering and not giving up after their first death.
We just got a new (post launch) players online record, of 10 players online.

Edit: Chain lightning banner:
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Changelog: 16 August 2021
  • New Sorcerer spell: Chain lightning.
    • Cast a lightning ball that jumps between multiple creatures
    • Cancels invisibility and applies energy condition to target.
  • Fixed several quests that were not rolling rarity on quest rewards.
  • Buffed nightmare spawn and loot. Buffed hellspawn loot.
  • New Knight spell: Brutal Charge.
    • Jumps to target, deals damage and challenges them.
  • Thunder hammer can now roll lightning damage.
See you in-game! :)