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[France] [8.6] AcidsOT

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What happend to this project ? Just died out? xD

I got tired and lost interest, but the server is still online if you want to play.
I hope to get back into this community eventually, I usually do.
But right now I'm having fun playing with a game engine for Virtual Reality using the Rust language. So far its innovative, educational and fun.
Once my Rust phase is over, I'll probably be crawling back. :)
Server was down for a couple weeks, but its back online now.
Server is still online, and we have an ongoing campaign these days: Login and I will provide you with 50 extra points. Edit: Campaign ended.
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Its fun to see the server waking up a bit again, after being nearly dead for a year.


If you join us, or get back to us, reply to this thread with your in-game name, and I will send you some shop points. :)
Changelog 18 March 2024:
  • Special Paladin distance effects will no longer harm Doppleganger (Except burst arrows).
  • Doppleganger now informs which DEF he has, and his atk, arm, def and dist calculations are now more accurately representing the player
  • Added Broadcast and Guildcast rune to the game. These are special runes allowing you to broadcast server wide messages across to everybody, or those in your guild and party.